When I was single, my blog contents are mostly about going out with friends and boyfriend, movies and hangouts, school and the 'never-ending' assignments.

Before I got married, I wrote about our preparations for the few events, surveys and reviews with some vendors and also, share the ups and downs encountered during the preparations period and the events itself.

After that I found out I was pregnant, so I mainly wrote about our baby preparations (physical and mentally), then I got interested into cloth-diapering, breastfeeding, baby weaning when baby turns 6 months and so on.

And recently as a mom, I found a new love for skincare and makeups. Not forgetting, my never-ending love for handbags and shoes, kain and tudong and pretty tops. Online shopping is what I do best! :D

The next thing you know, I might be working and  started to post less entries or I might be interested with home decorations and etc. I called this "PHASES OF MY LIFE" and I have gladly and proudly written every step of the way and share them here in my blog. :D

ALHAMDULILLAH.. I am now a working mom and have been juggling life between being a mom, a wife, a daughter and an employee. I now have two lovely but sometimes pain in the *** active toddlers, Iqbal and Amni. Iqbal has started school this year, 2015)and Amni will starts in 2017.

I hope you don't mind reading them! And if you do, you know where the exit is ;)