Saturday, 26 September 2015

huge Etsy sticker haul - part 3

These are the last Etsy purchases I made until mid-Sept and after that I was on NO-SPEND week. *lol* Enjoy the pictures~!

Whimsical Flamingos Co

Australian seller - Made By Elissa 

Canadian seller - Stick with Me Shop

Sticky Essentials - love the custom headers!

Czech Republic seller - Stickers Made by Omii. I love the Etsy sticker to track my purchases :P

Australian seller - Happy Cloud Inc (FAVOURITE!!!)
Her samples are super generous! I actually requested her to do the customer headers for Iqbal's birthday week :D

Stickeriffic - She often has FRIDAY50 sale which is such a bargains hence these loot! :P

Australian seller - Lime & Mortar (always super fast shipping!)

Told you she's my favourite! Another sticker haul from Happy Cloud Inc :D

Sunday, 20 September 2015

while on leave

It has been a long time since I last did a post about my babies. They are growing up so fast! Sometimes when looking at Iqbal and how "berakal" he is towards his sister and his cousins, it overwhelms me. "You're grown up so much Iqbal.." *teary*

Less than 2 months now until Iqbal turns 4 and Amni turns 2 years old. I do not have a plan for their birthdays yet. There will be cake and balloons on their birthday, that's for sure. A birthday party, not so sure yet.

Both Iman and I are on leave now. I only took three days leave and Iman is taking his 10 days leave. I do not have that much leave entitled. Furthermore, it was because my parents went to KL with my sister and her baby boy to meet her husband who's leaving to Lebanon from KL. So for the past few days, I have been spending time with the kids (and do a bit of planner planning at the sides :P)

Oh! Unfortunately I have to come to work today at 6PM(!!!) due to the system upgrade we're doing at the office. I do hope it will only takes couple of hours to complete the testing.

And also, today my brother will go back to Mesir to continue his final year studies and also, my brother in law to the UK. I have to go to the airport  first before I can go to work. Such a busy Sunday!

Enjoy the rest of the day people! :D

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Huge Etsy Sticker Haul - Part 2

I have a problem. When I'm obsessed about something, I'll go all out. So.. I have been stalking ETSY sticker sellers to see if they have a promo code or sale (even better!) for the past month.

Last month, I have made over 10 orders and even earlier this month, I have made some orders too as recently most sellers were having labour day sale! I couldn't stand it! See, I have a problem right? -___- Very bad for my wallet unfortunately. #mustgetbackontrackwithsavings

My orders from Australia came quicker than US. I think that's normal. But it's really frustrating because I am not a very patient person. I can't wait to start decorating and putting functional stickers in my planner. Sighs!

1) Seller : Lime and Mortar
Coupon code : TAKE10 for 10% off AU$10
Order date : 24th Aug 2015
Shipped date : 24th Aug 2015
Received date : 31st Aug 2015

2) Seller : Station Stickers
Coupon code : THANKYOU for 10% off US$10
Order date : 22nd Aug 2015
Shipped date : 24th Aug 2015
Received date : 5th Sept 2015

3) Seller : Made By Elissa
Coupon code : INSTA10 for 10% off US$10
Order date : 15th Aug 2015
Shipped date : 27th Aug 2015
Received date : 8th Sept 2015

4) Seller : Lily Pink Prints
Coupon code : INSTA10 for 10% off US$10
Order date : 28th Aug 2015
Shipped date : 30th Aug 2015
Received date : 8th Sept 2015

5) Seller : Elle Hart Designs
Coupon code : 
Order date : 21st Aug 2015
Shipped date : 24th Aug 2015
Received date : 10th Sept 2015

6) Seller : Peacefulmind Design
Coupon code : INSTAFRIENDS for 10% off AUD$10
Order date : 24th Aug 2015
Shipped date : 28th Aug 2015
Received date : 10th Sept 2015

7) Seller : Lime and Mortar
Coupon code : TAKE10 for 10% off US$10
Order date : 2nd Sept 2015
Shipped date : 2nd Sept 2015
Received date : 10th Sept 2015

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Huge Etsy Sticker Haul - Part 1

I have been REALLY obsessed with my planner. For the past few weeks, I have bought A LOT (over 10 orders placed is A LOT, right?) of stickers from Etsy sellers to decorate my planner with. Functional and layout stickers.

I have placed orders from Australia, US, UK, Canada and Czech Republic (Surprise!). Some sellers have few days of processing time and others have up to two weeks processing time. And then, shipping will take another one to two weeks (maybe a month) to arrive. Most sellers I have placed my order with have shipping cost between US$2-$5 plus I used coupon codes for every order.

My first order came from Lily Pink Prints from Sydney, Australia. Processing time less than 3 days and shipping takes about a week. I'm really happy with my two orders so far. She is super nice to accommodate to my requests especially for headers. I'm planning to order some more from her soon. I might probably be ordering from her every month. *lol* Plus, shipping cost is less than USD3 and I used her coupon code. You can use INSTA10 to get 10% of your purchase.

I'm still waiting for more orders to come. Once that come, I'll do another post. And I'll probably will share my before and after weekly spread for your eyes. ;)

So here is my first spread for next week using stickers from Lily Pink Prints.

Don't forget! You can get US$10 off if you're using the link at the side! ;)

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Erin Condren Life Planner

When I first saw Elle Fowler's video "plan with Me" weeks ago, I had been researching about the planner that she used. Erin Condren Life Planner. Having a planner brings back a lot of memories and joy during my high school year. My best friends and I would decorate our planners with stickers and colourful pens. Pictures too!

Youtube was my researching trusted source. *lol* I got addicted watching a lot of reviews, plan with me videos and recently, Etsy sticker haul videos. In fact, I have actually bought from two sellers recently and still waiting for the stickers to come. One is from Australia and another one is from US. Most sellers in Etsy are from US anyway so shipping is a bit of a pain. I'm looking for Australian sellers so the shipping is much reasonable. 

Oh back to the planner. At first I did not want to get the planner because of the weekly layout. I prefer to see a monthly overview. But my current planner has a weekly view now so I thought I should just try it.

I chose the design for the cover, then chose the colour combinations, my name (and whether to include Iman Iqbal and Amni's names) and added sticker book and to-do snap dashboard. Hee :P I placed my order on 27th July and my items got shipped on 6th Aug and today, 13th Aug it has arrived! So much love for the cover!!! :D

My mom and my sisters want to have this too. My next item would be the Deluxe notebook planner which currently you can add a year calendar (worth US$15) for FREE for a limited time. I'm so tempted to get the notebook for work!!! But I think I'm gna place an order for my mom and sister first. 

I have a $10 off coupon code (see sidebar) if you want to place your order from Erin Condren website. Shipping cost is super reasonable in my opinion. Etsy shipping cost are slightly more expensive, although it actually depends on the sellers.

I'll share with you guys my weekly spread once my stickers have arrived. Oh! I have bought washi tapes from Asanty collection too recently. *grins* I have some washi tapes in my eBay cart at the moment. Haha I'll place my order soon. Oh myy.. This is definitely an expensive hobby!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Cash Envelope System by Dave Ramsey

While I was watching videos on Konmari method, I also saw "Cash Envelope System" at the side of Youtube as recommended videos. Of course the curious cat in me, I had to watch the videos (plural, ok?) on that as well for days!!! After all of the spending for Raya for the last few months, I need to get back to savings so I decided to try the Cash Envelope System. For the last couple of weeks, I have managed to track my expenses and save at the same time. We have a family trip coming so I need to save as much as I can and also for the handbags wish list that never ends. *lol*

This is how I use the Cash Envelope System in my wallet rather than using the real envelopes ;)

HOW DO YOU BUDGET AND TRACK YOUR EXPENSES? I have always written a monthly budget in my planner but I never track or limit my expenses after that. -___- This system has helped me track my expenses to make sure I do not overspend on my allocated budget. :D Yayyy!!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Tidying up with Konmari method

I think every weekend in Ramadhan, husband and I did few rounds of tidying up our room. We are still currently staying with my parents. We have the biggest room in the upper level of the house. My two sisters still have their rooms as well even though they have their own place already. But we have two extra rooms for storage; one was actually the smallest room and it belongs to my youngest sister to put her husband work stuffs previously and the other is store room with a lot of old junks. So we cleared the latter room and turned it into our wardrobe room. This project really takes a while to complete! Just because we didn't prepare a budget for it as it was supposed to be a playroom for our kids but we decided otherwise.

While I was tidying up our clothes, purged old clothings, I came across an organization video using the Konmari method. The idea is to tidy once and yiu'll be organize forever. She did her organisation by categories; clothes, books, etc.. But we need to do it in a day, purge all your clothings, take everything out, choose which item sparks joy and those are the items you'll be keeping and throw out or donate the rest.  We have done a bit on this one but I'll do another round once our wardrobe is installed. Have to wait another two months for it. Hence for the time being, we'll still be using the lousy rails we bought from Hua Ho Dept Store.

I can't wait to actually do the Konmari method. I still have books and makeups especially to organise. I have done on my handbags and shoes (need to buy a new shoe cabinet though!). I'll post pics once we're done. For now, let's enjoy the long Raya holiday.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin everyone!!! 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Newly Added

Lol I didn't even know what to write for the title!

About 9 weeks ago, I posted this bag in my IG. The lust list.

Just few days ago I found out that LV actually has similar bag for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection which I believe it was released last month. Maybe the fashion show was done few months back. *need to do more research*

Unfortunately both LV and MK did not release any colours that caught my attention to add in my collection. For now, I shall wait until they come up with colours that I want ;)

DO YOU LIKE THIS BAG? I do!!! Hehe.. This bag actually reminds me of Hermes Kelly which is wayyyyy expensive. I'm so glad that LV made this bag in Epi leather - it's very durable and the leather will still looks new even after years of usage.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Turning 29

Final year being twenties. Sighs! I'm going to enjoy and shop like nobody business. Lol. Such a drama queen.

First surprise from my dearest husband. A bouquet of roses and a beautiful necklace. *senyum sampai telinga* Finally getting flowers from husband after so longgg! :D

On my actual birthday, we had sungkai at iLotus with my family and parents-in-law. And I saw my birthday cake surprise! I kinda expected it though.. Hehe nonetheless, it was a yummy surprise.

So that's how I spent my birthday. A wonderful day with my beloved people. I wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you so much Syggg! You definitely out-do me this year! *kisses*

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Bags Ticked-Off the List

It was in April when I bought my grey Modalu tote bag. Turqoise suede interior. Had my initials hot-stamped. Such a sucker for hot-stamping :P

About a month after, I bought Prada BN1801 in Cammeo. It's preloved but I still love her soo much! Been wanting to have her the longest time. My first post on this bag was [here] dated 23rd Nov 2012. Finallyyy I have her in my collection. Yayyy!!! :D I had few rounds of discussion with few people before decided to finally get her. Lucky I have them to thank and blame them :P Hehehehe

And recently, about two weeks ago I placed my order at Cambridge Satchel. I bought the Push Lock satchel (?) in Jet Blue. Again, had my initials hot-stamped. I've been wanting to get her for the past few months. Then I saw two of Iman's friends had it. But I wasn't ready to buy it full priced because I've seen her on sale! I was patiently waiting for the right moment! So when I received an email that they are having preview Summer sale, I just HAD to get it. Haha I even had it gift box with message "HAPPY BIRTHDAY EFFA!!!" :P #frommyselftome

Anddd I still have more bags to tick off the list! The never-ending-list!

p/s I'm still waiting another birthday gift to come tomorrow. SLG. Starting my SLGs collection now. :D

Monday, 8 June 2015

KK Annual Short Vacation

We had another long weekend due to Royal Brunei Armed Force Anniversary public holiday. My family and I decided to have a short trip to KK. One year ago we also went to KK, no where else after that. Plus, it was still Iman's birthday month. Hehe. Part of his birthday celebration.

To my suprise, there are few new shopping malls just opened and they even have Michael Kors now!!! I knew they have Coach but Michael Kors and Sephora!!! I don't have to go to KL just to get my makeup and skincare fix. Although I do wish they open Nars in KK as well. Haha greedy this lady! So, I spent about B$300 (mayyyybe a bit more) on makeup and skincare. And a lot of clothing for Iqbal and Amni. Dinosaurs and cat. They have a theme now. -____-'

Til next time KK. Not going to stay in One Borneo ever again. Hahha

Ayah's 30th Birthday

Dearest Husband turned 30 years old last 20th May.

The day before I went to that balloon place in Menglait - can't remember the name - to make him bouquet of balloons. I also went to Fleur De Lys to get his favourite Mango Cheesecake. Too bad they didn't have the smaller cake. So I bought a slice and order the smaller one to be pick up the next day, on his birthday.

We actually slept during midnight so I didn't get to wish him. Or maybe I did and I just forgot. Haha. Anyway, the next morning I prepared him a breakfast - bouquet of balloons and a slice of cake. Hehe..

I also had a 'quiet' lunch with him.  Lunch date. And after work, we finally get to celebrate his birthday with the kids. 

He hates it when I mentioned "thirty" Hahaha. In denial this man. But age is just a number. You've definitely have become wiser by the age Sygg.. Happy Birthday again to the love of my life, my favourite man in the world and father to my children. We love you more than words can say. 

Monday, 11 May 2015

My Second... wait! THIRD Mother's Day!

1*It's not even my third.. In fact, it's my FOURTH! Lol! I've lost count :P*

It was rather like a normal weekend. Like always, Sundays are the day we went back to my in-laws' place, have lunch and spend some quality time with my sibling-in-laws, nephews and nieces and of course catching up with my parents-in-law too. It's more like catching up with my mother-in-law's cooking TBH. She's the best cook!

But last Sunday they were still on business trip so we didn't go back instead we celebrated Mother's Day. And of we went to spend some family time together but of course, after I had finished my house chores. Phewh!

First we went to Supa Save Mabohai because a dear friend tagged me to a Luxury Preloved Sale so I decided to check out but none caught my interest.

Then the day before, I received a message from Joenah Boutique (and they sell Melissa shoes that I'm currently addicted to especially for Amni!) that they will be having a 50% sale in conjunction with Mother's Day. Of course I'm going to take this chance but unfortunately the pair that I've been eyeing for Amni ran out of her size. Bummer! I picked out another pair and match it with mine. Heee~ That's Amni's 5th pair of Mini Melissa! :D

After that, my parents, my family and I (and also, my sister Ain and her family) decided to have a hi-tea at Anjung Saujana. We love that place for hi-tea! Especially their hi-tea set for two. Such a great deal. But yesterday we kinda have a late lunch kinda food. Haha.. We were really hungry after all that shopping! :P

So that is how I spent my third year as a Mother this year. Even received gifts from Dear Husband. Thank you Dear Husband, Son and Daughter for making me a MOM. Ibu love all of you. With all my heart. *kiss kiss kiss*

Happy Mother's Day to all SUPERMOMS out there! :D

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Beach Fun Times

We went to the beach again last Sunday. Berakas Forest Reserve to be exact. It was our second time to bring the kids to the beach. They love it so much!

When we first went there few weeks ago, Iqbal only played with the sand trying to built sand castle and all. We were totally not prepared but we had so much fun. Amni being the brave one, love to walk along the beach. We didn't bring any spare clothes or anything.

So the second time we were a little bit prepared. HAHA! Iqbal had his sand castle tools ready with few trucks he planned to bring. While for Amni, she just need spare clothes. And of course, the second time around Amni and Iqbal went for a swim. And they enjoyed their time more. But I don't like the saltwater.

Hopefully for the third time and next(s!), we will be more prepared and more people will join us. :D