Monday, 7 July 2014

I'm on Ban Island

The last bag I bought was the Sofina 2.1 bag early this year which unfortunately I have not been using. The bag is rather big on me. So I'm just keeping the bag. Hanging. Not much being loved. Pretty sad actually. I do not want to sell it or give it to my sisters. Haha :P Anyway, that is not the point.

I had been lusting over this bag for over a year. I actually still in disbelief that I managed to get this bag. I emailed the boutique almost every month this year to no avail, but the day before my birthday I received this good news that it is available. And I just had to ask my brother in law who's currently studying in London to help me get the bag. Lol! There were hiccups in buying the bag, but in the end, I still got THE bag. :D

What bag you may ask, it's a Chanel PST. It's one of their classic pieces, a starter investment before I'm finally digging my brain to buy the Classic Flap despite the price increases. But after a year being a working mom to finally have a Chanel bag, it's pretty amazing. To me, at least. Not that I buy bags every other month. :P My next target would be the Classic flap! Let's save more, shall we? :D

Another bag I bought online and again I had to ask my brother in law to bring it home is from Modalu England. Their mini Pippa bag. The bag is named after Pippa Middleton after they saw her using the bag. I love this bag. It's has lots of compartments so I can be more organised. The size is perfect. I love that it has a sling as well.

Because of these two bags that I bought recently, I am now on Ban Island. :P

Apparently this is my 246th post. Perfect! Bags for my 28th birthday. :D

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ramadhan Mubarak

It's already our 8th day of fasting today. Alhamdulillah.. I managed to do my duty this year after three years!! Truly grateful!! How are u guys doing?

The first year I couldn't as I was pregnant with Iqbal, second year was because I was still fully breastfeeding him and third year, I was pregnant with Amni. Though I'm still breastfeeding both Amni and Iqbal at night, Alhamdulillah I can still do so even though I'm fasting. Just need to hydrate myself with lots of water during and after sungkai. Hehe

During the working weekdays, the day went by so fast. But weekends, I tried not to look at the time so often. Lol! So I just do the house chores. Oh I am taking gastric pills on daily basis though so I can tahan puasa. I did miss taking it one day, the next day I barely can stand it. :/

Selamat berpuasa everyone. May all of us be bless this year. I pray for all our good deeds will be accepted and we can wash away our sins during this holy month. Sad that I still can't do terawih this year with these babies. Insya Allah, will do it when they are a little bigger. Might just gna bring them both. Teehee!