Sunday, 29 September 2013

First Impression: The Cambridge Satchel

I can't do a full review yet as Dear Husband and I have not use the bag. But I'm eager to outline the timeline and share it with everyone. Most of the reviews I read mentioned that they have less than good customer service which is fortunately not in our case.

Let me list down the timeline:

14th Sept - placed my order and received reply from CS.
18th Sept - received an email informed that they have shipped the Music Bag
23rd Sept - Music bag arrived and received an email informed that they have shipped my 11" Oxblood satchel.
28th Sept - my satchel arrived :D

So, everything took about two weeks. Thats really good. For a personalised bag, to me thats a job well done. After all, the bag have travelled around the continents (UK-France-Guangzhou, China-Singapore-Brunei).

my camera doesn't do justice to the colour.
it's the exact colour shown in their site!

I am in love with my satchel!!! It definitely fits my necessities except my bottle water. Hehe.. But thats ok. I can bring it to the car and leave it in there. I cant wait to use it! Mom commented that she used to have this kind of bag too. Classic she said. I told her, thats the reason why I bought it. ;)

What worries me now is that I have a satchel-addiction. I want to order another satchel but from a different company just because every reviews rave about this company. The good thing is they offer more options for customisation. Dear Husband actually prefers this as they offer magnetic closure (less hassle and saves time!) and wants a satchel too. Technically he doesn't own a satchel yet :p That can justify for another purchase! ;p

I might place an order again in the next few months or so. I want a bigger satchel so I can use it for work. I don't think I can use the 11" very often to work since I normally bring bottle water to work. Anddd I'm starting to like smaller bag these days. Hmm that's a good thing, right? Lol!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Now we know

Yesterday after work, I told Dear Husband that I want to go to Yayasan to look at Dr Ding's opening times. I could've called but I want to try our luck as well in case the clinic still opens.

When we arrived around 6pm, we went straight to the clinic and I took a picture of their opening times. And guess what? The clinic will be open at 7pm! I was excited and nervous at the same time.

We waited for almost an hour and had our ultrasound - witnessed by Dear husband and baby Iqbal. And we finally can confirm the gender for our baby! I'm so excited and happy but my EDD and baby's weight worrying me. I definitely need to eat more! :(

Let me introduce to you, Baby A. 😍

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Wishlist: New Gadgets

Another weekend wishlist. This time it's not bags or make ups, but gadgets. I'm not really a gadget person, Dear Husband is. I have few gadgets I want to buy over the next few months until I have finally decided.

1. Camera
The last time I bought a compact camera was when I was in the UK, back in 2008 so that I could take a lot of pictures while I was there. Canon IXUS 870 IS. The camera is still working until today, just doesn't get much use anymore.

At the moment, I could not decide between the two newly released compact cameras from Canon - G16 and S120. I was looking at reviews for Canon G15 when I found out that Canon were releasing these two compact cameras this month. Both these cameras have the same specifications and the only difference is the body, while G16 is using more manuals but S120 comes with touch sensitive LCD. I'm definitely clueless with all these technical gadget terms. Sighs!

2. Phone
I'm currently still using iPhone4. Few generations behind and I'm actually quite impressed with iPhone5s new specs especially the camera. I still have not decided whether do I really want it or when should I buy it. I mean, my phone is still in a very good condition although the battery life has worsen a little after the update to iOS7. Other than that, it works just fine and alive! Should I upgrade?

3. Laptop
I have my mini iPad but I can't really do much of my work here. I still need the keyboard and I want Microsoft Excel for more analysis and formulas (not the apple version obviously!). I want the MacBook Air :D and I'll have it in parallel desktop with Windows. But since I'll have my maternity leave soon so I don't need this yet. This can waittt~ but I'm definitely buying this.

Anything in your wishlist? Do share them and why you want it or if you have a better suggestion, that'd be great too! 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Can't see you

I had my Doctor's and ultrasound appointment last week on the 10th. Surprisingly - well not really but I usually never waited that longgg! - It took dear Husband and I half a day to finish the appointment. Luckily I applied for half-day leave. Whew! Poor Husband had to leave his work to company me.

We waited for two hours for ultrasound and then, had to meet the Doctor since I was already in 32 weeks. We were excited to know baby's gender but again, Baby no.2 is shy to let us know. Which makes it worst that I don't know what I need and to buy for Baby no.2 ;( I was concerned about baby's weight too but alhamdulillah.. Baby's weight is average, not too small and not too big. I have less than 2 months now til my due date. I'm excited and nervous too at the same time! :/

So my next appointment is on the 8th Oct - again to see the Doctor since I will be in my 36th weeks. I wish to know baby's gender but I'm not sure if we can find a time to go private clinic for an ultrasound. Dear Husband will be super busy at his work with the ASEAN summit coming up next month and we might move to a new office next month an I'll have my maternity leave in the third week maybe (if my calculation is right!). So many things need to be done at work before I have my long maternity leave. 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bag Lust: Cambridge Satchel

When I came across Bagaholicboy's post recently on the newly released The Mini from The Cambridge Satchel, I was reminded that I once wanted to have the bag. So for the past week, I actually have been lusting over the classic Cambridge Satchel. Furthermore, they offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING THIS MONTH! I could not let this one pass ;)

So when I browse through the site, I looked at the measurement for the Mini and immediately decided that I do not want the mini bag. I'd buy it for my baby girl though for Hari Raya! Haha.. I was left debating between the Classic in 11" and 13". I knew I wanted the newly added colour to their classic line, Oxblood - a beautiful burgundy colour. I fell in love with the colour at first sight.

pic credit The Cambridge Satchel site
Then I tried to justify why I want to buy this bag now (when baby no.2 is coming some more!). I want a small bag when I go out for quick errands with dear husband. You know, when I do not have to haul a lot of things. I want to be able to bring it to work too when I only need my necessities - wallet, pack of tissue, few lipsticks and a small water bottle. In the end, I decided for the 11" although a 13" one would have more space for other stuffs but I'm trying to limit what I want to carry in my bag. Babies will have a separate bag. Hehe.. 

Good thing is I've placed my order today and I bought another one for dear husband too. For him, I ordered the Cambridge Satchel Music bag as his work bag ;) Can't wait for them to arrive! :D

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Raya Open Office

I know Syawal just ended and I'm finally posting pictures from my office Raya celebration. It is my first time to celebrate with my awesome work colleagues and I am glad that I have these people around me almost everyday! :D

We had two celebrations - for staffs and our customers. Staffs Raya celebration was held at the office parking area and it was super hot and cramped (well the tent was too small to fit everyone!). On the other hand, Raya celebration with customers was held recently at Dewan Mahligai in Airport Mall. Only half from the list we invited came nonetheless we had a good catching up sesh. Wafiy, my long-unheard-bestfriend was there too! :D

I even used the paper plate to fan myself -_-'

Saturday, 7 September 2013

21 months appointment

Iqbal had his appointment last Wednesday (4.9.13) for his routine check up and flu injection. When we arrived, we were told that flu injection was out of stock so there will be no jab for Iqbal. "you're safe Iqbal.. for today!" and I think I saw him smiling satisfiedly.

Unfortunately, he's already 21 months old and the nurse decided to give him MMR jab instead. Haha.. "Nope, you're not safe today Sayang". Poor Baby! He cried for a while and stopped when the nurse is done. He even said, "kas tah (laju tah balik)" Hahaha and refused to say bye to the nurse too.

Statistics for recent appointment:

Weight: 9.7kgs
Height: 67cm
Overall: healthy, petite and active. Lol!

Poor Baby is now having a slight flu and coughs.. Hehe how cute is he trying to wrap himself up! *kiss*

Next week is my appointment, to get ultrasound and see the doctor in one morning. Im excited! ;)