Sunday, 21 April 2013

Going Neutral

I'm really excited and super happy with my purchases this month.

First, I'm going to talk about Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. Finally these came to this side of the world, while the others have been enjoying it since one year ago and they even have come out with new colours!

I was really excited when I found out these color tattoos came to Malaysia last month if I'm not mistaken, or maybe early this month. I doubt that it'll come to Brunei which made me wanting to go to Miri to get it but it arrived!! Yayy!!!

Out of the many, I only bought Bad to te Bronze, and I think I'm going to get Bold Gold and Audacious Asphalt as well. I have to say, the texture is better than Catrice's and Essence's cream eyeshadows. It's really smooth, not too wet and not too dry, a good balance. This is what I have been wearing for the past week. Loving it!

And lastly, I have finally bought a bag for work. Some of you might have guessed it right, I bought MK Selma in Navy. That's the most neutral colour in my opinion thats similar to black. I was surprised when I decided to buy it, it was not available in MK site anymore. Anyway I'm glad Kaki Kecil managed to find it from affiliate site (don't know where!). That's aside, I'm happy that the bag arrived finally!!!

Friday, 19 April 2013


I have a good news to share with you. It's part of the reason why I haven't been blogging lately, apart from work that have been taking a troll on me! It's a good news. We're expecting for our second baby. I'm 11 weeks today! :D Alhamdulillah..

We recently just found out about it too when I was nearing to my 9th weeks. That's part of the reason why I have been more tired lately, which at first I thought it was because I'm now a working mom. We told the news to our families after we confirmed it with Dr Avinash. And yes, there is my baby in my tummy. Insya Allah due in Nov.. Nov baby again! ;D

And of course, Baby Iqbal has become more manja and clingy. He's still breastfeeding too! :D

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Motivational Talk

I am so excited about today. Yes it's Friday and weekend is coming. But I'm more excited about the motivational talk I attended today with non other the famous Dato' Dr Hj Fadzilah Kamsah. :D

He is so funny, inspiring and motivating too. Today's session was a wake up call especially to dear me. We know about all these but we hardly practise it anymore. It does not become our habit so we tend to forget about it.

Here are some points for tanda org yg bersyukur:
1. Sentiasa patuh perintah Allah SWT
2. Sentiasa berterima kasih sesama manusia
3. Sentiasa memaafkan org lain (elok diamalkan tiap malam sebelum tidur)
4. Sentiasa mendoakan org lain
5. Sentiasa membantu tanpa mengira

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lunch date with Iqbal

I am so tied up with works. Sighs!

I just finished my reports for my boss today and I have a lot of work plans and milestones to do for my team. I'm not sure if I can be a leader but I am definitely trying my very best at the moment which takes up a lot of time (and brain).

Anyway, today I went out for lunch with my sister and Baby Iqbal. Dear Husband didn't join us as he was having lunch meeting at Tarindak. So, it was just us!

Baby Iqbal trying to choose his lunch :P

On another happier note, I'll be attending Dato Dr Fadzilah Kamsah motivational workshop this Friday. Woohoo! I love him! :D Finally I get to see him in person. I'm a big fan!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March 2013 Favourites

This month has definitely went by so quickly. I don't think I have change my everyday work makeup this month. I have not change much in my daily basket so yes, not many new favourites this month.

But ever since I received my make ups from MUA, I have been loving and using them almost every single day. They have been my favourites this month!

1. Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette. I am still a beginner, so I can only work with two shades at a time. And I have been using this palette every day for work since, putting aside my cream eyeshadows. I love working with my brushes so that adds more reason to why I love to use this daily for work. The colours are so neutral! Love!

2. MUA Eye primer. This is my second purchase for eye primer and comparing this to Essence, I like this one better. Its more tacky than Essence which makes the eyeshadow last all day (to night!).

3. MUA lipstick in Shade 11. I bought shade 9 and 11, but this one has been my favourite for everyday. It has more orange hint to it, not pink like my other lipsticks and I love it. It has a smell to it, I don't know how to describe but I'm okay with it. I want shade 2 next!

4. MUA blush in shade 6. Out of the three blushes I bought, I like to wear shade 6 the most. It has a golden shimmer to it making it looks like Nars Orgasm (I think!). It also has a nice glow to it which I love. I received compliments wearing this blush from my work colleagues. The other two shades are ok, shade 4 is similar to my MAC Fleur Power (more coral-ish tho) while shade 5 has chunky shimmers to it which I don't prefer.

5. Catrice Matt Infinite foundation in Honey Beige. I knew about this from Sara Hassan's blog. My face looks less shiny by noon when I'm using this as compared to my Max Factor foundation. I have been using this everyday for work and I love it. I usually mix it with my Skin79 Vip Gold BB cream to get the SPF. Both are loves for everyday work makeup.

That's all my favourites for this month. I'm not sure if i'll be having new favourites next month as I'm putting myself on makeup shopping ban til I get to try and use all my makeups. But, I'm definitely getting more from MUA next time! ;)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Third Pair!

I just bought my third pair of shoes from Pazzion today. Damage done because I couldn't decide whether to buy 'the' bag this month or next month. And whether to get it online but different colour or kirim from a friend for the colour that I wanted. I just couldn't decide! *worldwar3dilemma*

This shoes is just perfect. Of course, they have the smallest size which I love! Its a peep toe, black and has about an inch heels so definitely perfect. I can't seem to walk in heels these days. Sad!

pic taken from their Instagram

Just a short post today. Btw, I'm happy but I'm torn. 😌