Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Huge Change

Alhamdulillah.. These two days Ahmad Iqbal has been behaving well at our neighbour's place. Such a big relieve for us! :D Although this will be his 'last' two days there before my parents and siblings come home from Umrah, I'm really happy with his change.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

So What Happened?

I did not expect this to happen this soon! Ok, I lied maybe I did. A little.

Since my parents and other siblings went for their Umrah, I have been sending Baby Iqbal to my neighbour to babysit while Dear Husband and I went to work.

First day, last Monday was alright. He was all cheerful and happily playing with my neighbour's son and daughter, along with their cousins too. Then Tuesday, he was moody, maybe because he just woke up when we sent him over and he cried. Third day, while walking to our neighbour and in between our houses he cried so hard and refused to let go his dad. And today, our door was not open yet and he already started crying. So what happened?!! ;(

Well, tomorrow is Friday and his dad is around. And so is Saturday as I won't be working. But how about next Monday when we have to send him over and my sister will be having her lectures? Ahmad Iqbal won't be as lucky as yesterday and today!!

Please tell me what should I do? I can't take leave. I'm not allowed as I'm still on probation. I can on one condition that I have to work on Saturdays as replacement which I don't mind but I'm not sure about my boss. Sighs!!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sigma Mr. Bunny

I placed an order recently from Luxola when they had a one-day 20% sale in conjunction with Women's Day about two weeks ago.

I have been lusting over Sigma brushes from Luxola. After comparing the prices ordering from Sigma site itself and from Luxola, somehow its more worth it to order from them. And I can get discounts too (which makes it even more worth it!).

My package arrived yesterday and I excitedly brought it to the office :P Because I wanted to 'feel' them!! Hehe weird but the brushes are really soft!!! I'm a happy bunny :D *wishlist checked* And I also ordered F80 Flat top kabuki brush too ;) *wishlist checked*

I have used few of the brushes :P

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Visiting Allah's Home

My family (parents and 'single' siblings) departed for their Umrah yesterday. Of course, I feel rather sad and happy, excited for them to finally get to see the Holy Mecca and Medina. The last time was when we went for Haj about 18 years ago. Mom was really excited obviously!!

I have been dreading tomorrow to be honest. Insya Allah, Baby Iqbal will be left with my neighbour while my parents and sister are not here. We have practised a few times already, my sister sent Baby Iqbal to our neighbour to familiarise his new environment. Luckily there will be Balqis and Darwish to play with him. I hope he will be okay. A bit fussy about his nap but I hope they can put him down for his naps.

Permata Hati kami~

Friday, 15 March 2013

Haul from KL #2

No, I did not go to KL this time. I kirim from my sister's friend (whom we are really close with) when she went to KL last February. Not much though, Soap and Glory Hand Food for stock (I LOVE LOVE this lotion so much!!!) and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy (because I could not get it the last time! Ggrrr!).

A short review for my new Boy. On application, it feels a little thick for my liking. Its a sheer type of lipstick and I expected it to be less think than my Mademoiselle. I love the colour though, again its my-lips-but-better kind of lipstick. Let's give this Boy more time, shall we? ;)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I'm Surviving

Today marks one month since I have started working. How has it been so far?

I don't mind doing lots of manual work especially spreadsheets. I do, however need to find ways to simplify them. I like my colleagues, but not my bosses. I mean, seriously, who does?!! I do not like to attend or go for meetings but it is somehow a getaway from looking at the computer the whole day.

Oh! I need to take driving class quick!! I have to go out for meeting and as an officer, I have to. Not need to, but have to. Do I sound like I love my work? No, not yet but I need to keep myself motivated. For the sake of my family. ❤

Thursday, 7 March 2013

MUA Haul

They finally arrived!!! :D Yey!! After waiting for over a month, I am so excited and happy to finally see these beauties! The notice from post office came yesterday so I took my items today. I do not like how they package my items, in a big bubble envelope however they kindly wrap the palette and blushes in bubble to secure them, but I would prefer if they put all these in a box since they took over a month to arrive :|

All of these cost £30.50 and I bought them when MUA were having a 50% sale and free shipping. It was totally a great bargain!!! I am just going to list down what I bought ;)

1. Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette
2. Eye Primer - 2pcs
3. Face Primer
4. Blush - shade 4, 5 and 6
5. Lipstick - shade 9 and 11
6. Every Lash Mascara - black brown
7. Intense Colour Eyeliner - jet black, rich brown and glitter malt chocolate
8. Intense Kiss Lipgloss - Lips are Sealed and Kiss and Make up
9. Cover and Conceal - in Almond
10. Eyebrow pencil - in Brunette

In case you're wondering why there is Catrice Matt Infinite foundation (shade - honey beige) in the picture, that's because I just bought it today :P

After trying few items in my haul tonight :P, I want to get more of their palettes, to complete my blushes and get few more of their lipsticks and lip glosses. *grins* ;)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

While I'm Working #1

These are the pictures I received from my sisters when they are baby-sitting Baby Iqbal. Sometime they will bring him out too. He's still breastfeeding so I need to go home at lunch. These pictures definitely put a big smile on my face (especially when I needed his smiles). He's my world! ❤ Mama loves you Baby!!!

Monday, 4 March 2013

February 2013 Favourites

I wanted to write this post yesterday but I had few errands to do in the afternoon and got lazy at night because playing with Baby Iqbal is so much fun! It's my favourite thing to do now since I've started working.

I have a small basket of makeup items I bring around the house in the morning. I can't do my makeup in our room because my baby is still sleeping so there's no light obviously. I either go to the toilet to do my makeup, my sister's room or my brother's room to apply my makeup. So there are some makeup items that have made a permanent resident in the basket. I have mentioned a couple of items in my January's favourites hence I'm going to write about the rest of them.

1. For base, I alternately use Skin79 Vip Gold BB cream and Max Factor Ageless Elixir Foundation. This is because they have lower SPF and both are moisturising (which is very important because of my air-conditioned working environment).

2. For eyes, everyday I would use Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in brown for upper lid and charcoal for lower lid. Why? Because it is easier to smudge my brown eyeliner with my cream eyeshadows. For eyeshadows, I would pick Essence (either Glammy Goes To or ) or NYX Jumbo in Yogurt. And for brows, I only use Essence brow gel and also eyeshadow base from Essence.

3. For face, I normally use Rimmel Stay Matte powder to set my make up and MAC powder foundation for touch up at noon before going back to work. I definitely have to blot before I put powder on my face. As for blush, I have been rotating them on a weekly basis and so far, I have use MAC Mineralised in Pet Me, Natural Collection in Pink Cloud and Rosey Cheeks (practically live in my makeup bag).

4. Lastly for lips, I have been liking MAC Syrup for almost everyday, occasionally Natural Collection in Rose bud (especially in the afternoon) and lately, NYX Round in Tea Rose. Not forgetting my lip balm from Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry before I wear my lipstick.

What are your favourites for the past months? I'm sorry I did not get the pictures for all the products I have mentioned above. Insya Allah will try to update it.