Friday, 24 August 2012

Happy 54th Birthday Mom!

Yesterday night instead of going out Raya-ing, we went to celebrate mom's birthday at All Season's Restaurant. The food was amazinggg especially their chicken in yam basket and stir fry prawn in salted egg. Delish! Dad and Iman love their roasted duck. My mom, lil sister Ain, lil brother Syakir and I don't eat duck - just the rest of them. Do you? Hehe

Btw, our surprised plan was a failure. Hahaha. I texted my dad asking if a blueberry cheesecake will be suitable for mom and it turned out that my mom read my message! Hahaha. Yeaa mom knows about the cake but still we tried to give her a surprise. And yes she didn't expect when the cake was coming. Weee!

my little and expanding family :D


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