Saturday, 30 June 2012

My 26th Birthday

I turned 26 years old last Sunday, the 24th. That morning, we attended my cousin's (Assrol) Majlis Bersanding. After we came home, I made two batches of Baby Iqbal's food - carrot and apple + pear purees. And then we spent the afternoon with my little family. To end the day, I had dinner with dear Husband at Excapade. So yea, that's about it. Nothing much but pure happiness and blessings. Alhamdulillah *:D

I think I have wrote many times *Sorry!* that I want to have a career soon and that I am still unemployed since I graduated in 2010. I mean, who wants to read that over and over again right? Haha :p

Anyway.. This is what's included in my wishlist for the past few years. I am going to get them someday - with my own paycheck and effort, Insya Allah. For now, they are still in my wishlist ;) *big smiles* I might gna add more in the future but these have always been on the top of my list! Now drools~ :p

LV Neverful Mon-monogram *I like things personalised! Hehe *
LV Totally

and last but not the least..
Chanel Classic Flap *drools*

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Baby Iqbal turns 7 months

Another late post. Last week, Baby Iqbal turned 7 months. Since Dear Husband is taking his leave (since 16th July), we brought Baby Iqbal out for 'dinner' at Villa Mauri. *lol* ;p Ayah and Ibu love you so much Dearest Son! Let's talk about his developmental milestones, shall we?
Feeding and Diet
  • Alhamdulillah, Baby Iqbal is still breastfeeding 2-3 ounces every 2-3 hours (remains the same even though he is now taking solid food). I've been thinking about weaning him to formula milk lately but we'll see how the supply goes because I have mixed feelings about this. :(
  • We have changed the size of his bottle teats recently to medium flow. He showed signs of frustration every time we bottle feed him lately so we decided to change the teats size and it works! Yay!
  • He is eating about 2 ounces of pureed fruits or vegetables per feeding, two times a day (lunch and early dinner) and a rusk for breakfast. I have been mixing two different fruits and vegetables lately for him (eg. apple + pear, pumpkin or butternut squash + carrot, and butternut squash + pear).
  • He's been teething for a while now. He puts everything in his mouth basically. Soft toys. Hard toys. Spoons. Remote control. You name it. Huhu

Behaviour and Social Skills
  • Baby Iqbal is a very happy and curious baby. He loves to smile to everyone - even our tailor can carry him and play with him while I got measured when making baju kurung.
  • We recently (finally!) use the stroller and found out that he can quickly fall asleep while in the stroller. It's amazing because we usually have to swaddle him then rock (and sing) to sleep.
  • When Hubs (and my parents and siblings) came to him while he is sitting down, he would stretches his hands to be carried. Manja!

Motor Skills
  • He can now rolls his body (since 6 months) and moves especially when he sleeps. He used to not like tummy time hence I believe his rolling over skills came rather late.
  • We also realised that now he can pulls himself to stand. In the car, he cannot stay still so I usually hold him to stand so he can see the world and his environment. And yes, he does not sit in his car seat. *slaps forehead*
  • I have been showing him how to crawl recently. Hehehe :p I know some babies skip this step so we'll just wait and see.

Learning and Communication Skills
  • I'm not sure how to write on this. He would usually 'eats' his rattles (soft toys) so we have stopped giving him the rattles. For now, he only gets to hold his teether. His eye stimulation is good though because whenever he hears sound like airplane or car, he'd turn his head.
  • He can say "mamamamama", "yayayayaya" and "bababababa". He gurgles and babbles a lot too. He can understands "makan" and "ngengen" (milk time).
  • I know that we have not been teaching him with readings and all, will get into that soon! ;) Insya Allah.. 


  • Baby Iqbal usually wakes up around 9am then we go down to have our breakfast. Then he'll have his shower, milk time and then, take his nap.
  • He'll wake up at lunch time - eats his puree, milk time and then play time with his grandparents and my siblings, or watch tv, or 'walking' around the house in his walker until he is sleepy and take his afternoon nap. His awake time is now longer in the afternoon.
  • Early dinner between 5-6pm then shower, play time, milk time and then he'll sleep for two hours. He'll join us to sleep usually and sometimes we have to force him to sleep - depends on the time he wakes up.
Credit to Mummy's Reviews for the format. :D I am learning so much from her site. *Thank You!* I intend to practise Montessori learning to Baby Iqbal someday and currently doing some readings and researches on this. *Baby steps!* :D

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mamit & Pamit's Wedding

Last weekend was my dear sister's wedding. Their nikah was held at Masjid SOAS in Bandar, Majlis Khatam Al-Quran dan Malam Berbedak was on Saturday night and their Majlis Bersanding was on the next morning. Yes it was hectic but who doesn't love weddings, right? ;)

Here I leave you with the pictures :D

with beloved aunties

one for the album <3

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Family Budgeting

More on family finance..

I'm a 26 years old (turn next week!) mom with a degree in Accounting and Finance should know how to budget my money. Cliche but true! Alhamdulillah.. I'm content with everything I have in my life - my husband, my baby, my families. And my wish for my birthday this year is.. I'll be able to control my spending and be strict and discipline myself better. InsyaAllah.. ;)

So what is family budgeting? It is merely noting and keeping track our daily expenses every month. Simple as that. From there, we can categorised our expenses including savings, fixed expenses (eg. Long and short term loans), committed expenses (bills, grocery shopping, fuel and for our parents), and discretionary expenses (clothing, entertainment, food - dine ins, take outs, deliveries, etc).

Every end of month, I will plan a budget for our money and taking into account what else need to be paid in the coming month. This usually my spending on clothings and things I planned to buy. Erkk! Yeah.. Thats about it actually. Then I would check if we need to cut down on unnecessary expenses like clothing from the Poplook or Fashionvalet. *sighs* With Hari Raya coming, wise budgeting should be implemented asap!

You see, if we can successfully budget our money, we should be able to save more and spend less. NOTE TO SELF!!! Because seriously we will able to see our spending habits and how much we have wasted our money for non essential items. *usually unsuccessful! Sighs!* So... GOODLUCK to me!!! ;D

p/s: I'm currently using 'expenserec' apps to note down our daily expenses. Been looking for a suitable one with our lifestyle and so far, this apps is very promising. Hehe

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Baby Hana's Berdikir dan Mandi Belawat

During the public holiday, 31st May we attended Baby Hana's Berdikir and Mandi Belawat. We have not make one yet, Insya Allah after Hari Raya before Baby Iqbal turns 1 year old. Mudahan murah rezeki.. Amiiiinnn! :D

with baby Hana and auntie Liyana 

mama & baby Iqbal <3

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Money Matters

With only one person currently earning income for the three of us, my mind is always busy thinking about money. Regardless of time! The main reason why I chose to cloth diaper in the first place.

I am hoping for a career soon to accommodate the endless lists of my little family and bigger family needs (and wants). I want to help my parents.

But.. I'm a normal woman in every sense who loves designer handbags and shoes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp, Gucci, Christian Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, just to name a few. With myriad of online shopping including facebook available for nice and pretty tops, maxis, chiffons (and the list can go on..) and now that we have Baby Iqbal, the list would include his clothes for every occasions and toys, I just don't know how we can save!

Money is not everything to me. Believe me, it is NOT. I believe that money serves for all kind of purposes. Although I have a degree in Accounting and Finance, I am not good in managing my own finance. With the situation now, I HAVE to learn how to manage our finance every month to ensure that we have enough after all the fixed and commitment expenses being deducted.

You see despite all that, I have always been wanting to save more money. So far, I only managed to add a little money to Baby Iqbal's account every month and dear Husband has another saving account - an amount deducted first from his paycheck every month. I believe this is a good start. And I would like to save more especially for emergency.

The basic principle of financial discipline - "Spend less than what you earn". Easier said than done! I almost never can do this! *sighs*

Since this month is my sister's wedding, we have used our money into making new bajus (and the accessories i.e. tudong and sinjang) for the occasions. It will be our bajus for Hari Raya too. I hope we can manage until the end of the month. For now, tutup mata saja looking at all the new arrivals and sales.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Baby Puree

Baby Iqbal has been eating fruit and vegetable purees for a month now. Alhamdulillah.. His favourite is apple puree. So far, he has eaten porridge, apple, kurma, sweet potato (orange one), white potato (mix with unsalted butter), carrot, avocado, banana, and pear. I have yet to introduce pumpkin to him (this week Insya Allah). And I have not follow the four days rule. -_-''

As for mixing two different purees, he does not like eating porridge with carrot *will try giving him again*. So far he likes to eat white potato and carrot well. Next I want to mix apple and pear, and avocado and banana together.

I only use the small plastic container to to keep his purees about 1-2oz for each feeding. Hence his breastfeeding intake has not change. I only cooked for two different purees when I'm cooking and for few days feeding because I have limited containers (just bought another 10pcs last Sunday. Yay!!) 

Between the Avent 2in1 Blender and Steamer and Beaba Babycook, I ended up using Phillips handblender. Hehehe ;) Easier!