Saturday, 26 May 2012

Exclusive Breastfeeding

Alhamdulillah Syukur.. Dengan izin Allah SWT today marks the 6th month I have been exclusively breastfeeding Baby Iqbal. Definitely an achievement worth celebrating! :D

I think I have wrote about this before that I was only able to fully breastfeed Baby Iqbal when he was one week old ie. on the 26th Nov. I remember because we had an appointment at Day Care Unit on that day and my mom's friend taught me how to breastfeed Baby Iqbal. At some occasions, we tried to give Baby Iqbal formula milk too but in the end, we 'almost' (except once after he vomitted and he didn't finish the milk) never did. Thinking about it, I feel foolish. Its not that I have insufficient breastmilk but because we were worried he will not be able to drink formula milk if one day I have insufficient supply.

Im very thankful to Allah SWT that until today, I still have sufficient breastmilk for Baby Iqbal. Yang penting, we have to keep on fighting and be positive. There are definitely a lot of options available to boost our breastmilk. Jangan kurang berusaha. That's what keep me going this far. When I'm having a low supply days, I'd just eat a lot of food and soups, and supplements too. I managed to prove to people that I can do this even though I have to pantang so many food like ice cream! (lucky I had a lot before I gave birth hehe), most seafoods and cold drinks. I'd do anything to give the best to Baby Iqbal selagi mampu dan terdaya.

I do not look down on people giving formula milk to their babies. For me, selagi mampu you do your best. Either giving breastmilk or formula milk, we all want a healthy baby in the end. Im quite worried too seeing babies who are being breastfeed until they look unhealthy. Being chubby and fat is fine but they need to be healthy. I always monitor Baby Iqbal's feeding so that we don't overfeed him. I just don't understand why the elderly always assume baby is hungry when they cry! *sighs* Babies cry not only means they are hungry, most of the time they just want attention, being cuddle, to play with, and etc! Huhu *nuff said*

Oh when we went to Baby Iqbal's last appointment, I was given a paper to fill in. (<-) They asked for picture too. The nurse said because I have successfully breastfeed Baby Iqbal exclusively as not many are able to do this. She also mentioned that "exclusive breastfeeding" means just giving baby breastmilk without weaning to food. So ermm.. when Baby Iqbal is 6 months old, we have been giving him purees for 3 weeks and add that first week I couldn't breastfeed him so it's only 5 months of exclusive breastfeeding! Hehe nonetheless I am still very very grateful :D

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Husband!

Last Sunday (20th May) was dearest husband's 27th birthday. Late, I know. Nonetheless Alhamdulillah Syukur.. I can't thank Allah SWT enough for 'giving' him in my life. In our life. I know all he wanted was to spend time with his little family. At home, together. I just had to bring him out so we went to Fish & Co. (newly opened!) for dinner and we did not have to wait. *wink wink*

Happy Birthday Sayang!!! May Allah bless you with abundance of love, happiness and success. Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin. I love you so much. Baby Iqbal loves you too. ;D

Monday, 21 May 2012

6 months appointment

Today Baby Iqbal had his Infanrix Hib (6in1) vaccine. Alhamdulillah.. Eventhough he cried sekejap, we believe that he is a lot stronger already. :D They say this vaccine can caused a fever. We already give Baby Iqbal panadol when we reached home. Every 4 hours said the nurse.

For his 6 months statistics:

Weight: 7.605kgs
Height: 67.5cm
Head circumference: 43.7cm

Baby Iqbal next appointment will be when he is 9 months old, sometime in August. Another vaccine if I remember it right.

while waiting for his turn

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Baby Iqbal turns 6 months

Friday's conversation..

Me : You know, sometimes I still feel disbelieve when I called myself 'mama' to Iqbal.. 
Dear Husband : Me too! While carrying Iqbal just now, "wow... I can't believe I'm holding my son.."

Baby Iqbal turns 6 months todayyy. :D How time flies! We always get people saying.. Baby Iqbal is so heavy, Baby Iqbal's skin is so fair like his mom and dad, Baby Iqbal is so chubby compare to his "small" parents.. Hehehe.. :D Alhamdulillah Syukur.. We both are so thankful to Allah SWT for giving us a perfect healthy son. Dearest Son, Mama doakan Iqbal jadi anak yang soleh, bertanggungjawab, penyayang, penyabar dan have a bright future ahead. In sha Allah.. Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin~

Today, mama and Baby Iqbal went out with Auntie Feeka, Ummi (my sister) and Auntie Ros (my sister's friend). We went for late lunch at Bello (where Baby Iqbal ended up taking his afternoon nap! Lol!) then we went to Supa Save and Toys R Us. We also dropped by Auntie Gdah's place to take the Hotlanta chicken wings mama bought. Hehe :p

Yesterday (Fri), Baby Iqbal also met Auntie Zdah and Auntie Yaya at CoffeeZone Kiulap. So glad that we finally managed to catch up. Everyone is busy with their own life phase now, definitely missing some people there. Auntie Yaya bought a shirt from her last vacation for Baby Iqbal (hence we tried it when we reached home). *thank you auntie!* :D We also went to Cutting Crew dangankan Ayah getting his hair cut. Hehe


Since Dear Husband's birthday had passed and he actually had read this post. I just have to update a little. We were actually on a mission on this day! We took Iman's cake ordered from Mon'Amour and searched for a simple birthday signage for on top of the cake. No candles though. :( Hehehe..
Thank you to Auntie Feeka danganikan our mission.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Attachment Parenting

When I first heard/ saw the word attachment parenting, I thought to myself that I am actually doing it. We are doing it. Because mom would just say "dibadan-badan jua Iqbal ani" and few other lines which mean the same thing. I just love to have him close to me. Close to us. After all this is probably the only time we can be this close.

I have not research or read further on attachment parenting. Then I came across this (shared by DDLS on Facebook) and it caught my interest.

Based on her paradox, Alhamdulillah I am still breastfeeding Baby Iqbal. Coming to 6 months now. We are definitely co-sleeping at night. When we go out, I do not put him in a stroller, just hold him and when I'm 'tired', my husband, parents and siblings would be gladly to take him from me - I don't use babywearing but this counts right? I am still trying to master taking his cues and giving prompt response to his cries because at times I can't figure out his needs. I am no perfect mother, but trying to be the best I can for him. Sometimes I feel frustrated and in need of the alone-me-time and usually I'll ended up missing Baby Iqbal. Sad! Lastly, I am still working on the gentle discipline, so far his understanding is limited. Hehe

Attachment parenting is easy. I mean its the simplest form of parenting. It does not cost so much. Breastfeeding is almost free (some need to buy vitamins and booster to maintain the supply. But the truth is, as long as there is demand the supply will always available. For most people.) I do not like to hear Baby Iqbal cry most of the times and sometimes he will just scream to get attention which I do not mind. I need enough sleep though because if not, I will be grumpier than Baby Iqbal. Then again enough sleep does not mean I want Baby Iqbal to sleep throughout the night nor I am. I'll be worried sick about him. I know he'll either cry or continue sleeping in hunger (and my thought is always the latter!).

Parenthood is not easy and not difficult too. It is hardwork and really worth it at the same time. There is so much thing going on. There are time and sleep to sacrifice, financial to think about wisely especially when only one parent is working trying to get all the endless needs and wants, your parents hoping that you'll get a job soon to help the family's financial. Does that sound familiar? Well yes, hello lifeeee!!! :D

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Baju Dilemma

The past couple of weeks, I have been going back and forth to my usual tailor (and a new one) and also to my husband's usual tailor. Of course, it is easier for the man and even for Baby Iqbal.-_-"  We brought his front button shirt as an example for the tailor. Less than two weeks, both my husband and baby's baju melayu are ready for my sister's wedding next month (and to be worn for Hari Raya too!). *excited*

On the other hand, I find it difficult. I think I will still be breastfeeding Baby Iqbal which means I need to make a breastfeeding friendly baju. For now my outing tops are either a front button shirt or a loose blouse. So I ended up having to tell my tailor to make me a blouse. ;(

For Hari Raya, I want to make a breastfeeding friendly baju which is not a blouse. But how? Been searching for designs but nothing caught my interest *sighs* ;( I know that since Baby Iqbal is still small, I will not make them highly beaded *as if I ever want it* As what dear husband would put it, safe baju for Iqbal and me. *Lol!*

Talking about Hari Raya, reminded me of my 30 days puasa to ganti. Last year debt. I'm not sure if I can tahan puasa this year too while I'm still breastfeeding baby Iqbal. I feel hungry and thirsty all the time!!! *yes.. I have not stock my bm just because baby Iqbal does not like frozen bm that have been stored for weeks or months ago* Oh noes!!!

I wonder how the lining looks like :s

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Last Monday (7th May), Baby Iqbal had his second and final dose of Rotarix vaccine. We were glad Dr Avinash was available. But Baby Iqbal cried halfway when the vaccine was put in his mouth. We are not sure about the taste. Nor his feeling. We could only comfort him to finish his vaccine and not to spit them out. Poor Baby!

Funny thing was Dr Avinash asked if Baby Iqbal is fully breastfeed and I said yes. Good she said. Before we left the room, she gave us a small tin of Enfalac for Baby Iqbal for being a good boy. Heh? Hehe

BTW Today I went for a job interview. It went well (I hope!!!). Pray for the best.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Favourite thing : Bumbo seat

We tried this few times with Baby Iqbal before finally decided to buy the seat. We wanted to buy the seat since Baby Iqbal was 3 months but when we tried the seat, sempitttt for him (well Baby Iqbal has chunky thighs!). We gave up and look for other alternatives. Nada. None to our liking.

For the last time, we tried putting Baby Iqbal in this seat and it looks good. He may not be able to use this for longer period (can always keep for next baby, right?! :p) So we bought lime green (the other colour available at that time was blue and pink) to match Baby Iqbal's other things.

So far, I realised that Baby Iqbal does not like to sit in it for a long period unless when he watches tv. By the end of 30 mins of Upin and Ipin, he'd want to go out from the seat already. We use this during his feeding time. So cute!!! *faint* Messy but super cute and fun time. Seeing all his facial expressions while feeding him is priceless. ❤

Note: It does warn not to put the seat on elevated surface. But we still did and have to watch him every second! Hehe.. I tried not to except during his feeding in the kitchen and while watching tv when we want him to stay still. *at your own risk* Be careful!!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wordless Wednesday #2

Mr I, me & Baby I