Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Breastfeeding - The Ups and Downs

I am not sure if it is normal, about a week or two in a month I realised that my milk supply is rather low. I try not to worry about it but I just can't. I thought.. Maybe I ate something that can decreases the supply. Maybe I think too much. Honestly, I feel really worry if my Baby is not content with his feedings. Husband always told me to think positive - it is a MUST and I am supposed to but somehow I could not! *sighs*.

What I did before to increase my milk supply is to take fenugreek within 24 hours - 2 pills 3 times a day. Drink more hot milo and chicken soup. Drink water and eat a lot!!! It works most of the time but sometimes I 'just' feel exhausted.

It's that time of the month again. My supply has been going up and down, and it makes me feel sad. Despite my worrying, I am happy that Baby still demand for feeding every 1.5 to 3 hours and his pee and poop patterns are normal. Alhamdulillah.. :'D *I feel better now after writing this out*

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Review : Autumnz

The first cloth diaper I get to feel and touch after months of researching. First impressions, it has a nice packaging with instructions and very soft fleece and inserts. This is a onesize (OS) pocket diaper and came with 2 microfiber inserts. The cover is made of PUL and has micro fleece inner lining. I pre-washed them once and satisfied with its absorbency.

This pocket diaper is very easy to use. I have them in snaps although at first I do not like the one row snaps because it looks insecure. Now, they look fine to me. The inserts are long, wide and thick which gives a very good absorbency. The elastics are still in a good condition after many washes since we started using however the fleece lining has started to pill up.

So far I have been using with one insert in the diaper and it can lasts up to 3 to 4 hours (unless if Baby Iq poops).  Once Baby wore it for 6 hours, the insert was really soaked and luckily there was no leak. Phewh! *Mommy forgot to change before Baby went to sleep.* I really like the inserts performance - I'd fold a little bit in the front to give extra absorbency for my front wetter. As for poop containment, the diaper has been successfully contained poop explosion without leak. We never experienced leak except once when I changed the rise setting to medium. Bad idea!!!

This diaper fits from 3kgs to 18kgs and has a big cutting which makes it not suitable for newborn. Baby Iq started using this when he was about 5kgs - at the smallest rise settings. The fit at the thighs is snug and we can get the perfect setting at the waist. There is also a crossover snap to fit a smaller waist, newborn perhaps but I doubt anyone will ever use it. The crotch width is a little bit wide (about an inch wider than BumGenius).

This is a good budget diaper, at $18 each (from Rizqyhusnee) the inserts gives a very good performance. Double it up, it may lasts up to 6 to 8 hours for average wetter. I love using this diaper for nighttime and would add BumGenius newborn insert for extra absorbency for longer usage. This diaper makes Baby Iq's bum look fluffier which I don't mind! ;)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Baby Iqbal turns 4 months

Baby Iqbal ❤ and I went out with my parents and not-so little brother today. This is a record of his journey today on his 4 months. His first time going out to other places than Birau, clinic and hospital.

10.30am - arrived at Paediatric Clinic, RIPAS Hospital. Baby had his Prevanar jab (second dose). As strong as he has always been, he cried for a few minutes then he's a happy baby again!

11.00am - brought Baby Iqbal to a restaurant for the first time! Lucky there was only two families so the place was rather quiet. He even pooped! *lol* Unfortunately, they do not have changing room so mom combined two chairs and changed him there at our table. Luckily we sat at the corner! He was fussy when we almost finished our food *time to feed him*, we paid the bill and I fed him in the car.

12.00pm - visited my grandparents (which means Baby Iqbal's atok boy and atok girl) in Kota Batu. He was mostly asleep while we were there. Atok girl got to hold him only for a while, she has been asking for Iqbal's visit since we last met her. Atoks will be going for their Umrah on this 1st May.

1.30pm - stopped by the post office to collect his new Bumgenius cloth diapers in the new colours! ❤

1.45pm - jalan-jalan di Hua Ho Manggis. I was gna get him a teether but seems like nothing caught his eyes. He refused to hold all the teethers (actually all the things he saw pun he doesnt want to hold).

2.30pm - Baby Iq was already grumpy and fussy. We knew it was time to go home but we had to stopped by at a bakery for awhile. In the car, Baby Iq was screaming and crying already, even refused to be nursed. Huhu.. I guess he was really tired already.

We came back home, he was fast asleep after Dad rocked him. Poor Baby! I do hope he had fun seeing the world :D Happy 4 months young, Dearest Son! Mama and Ayah pray that you will always be happy here with us. Semoga mendapat segala kebaikkan di dunia dan di akhirat. Amin ya Rabbal alamin.. We love you Baby Iqbal ❤!!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Being a SAHM

not exactly, but you get the idea

It has been over a year since I graduated with my First Degree and have not 'found' a single career. They say these unemployed people are being choosy for wanting to work with the public sector only and not with the private sector nor start own business. I wish those people know that some people are not lucky.

We had a few debates among my family members asking me to work as soon as possible. Some even suggested me to apply as a teacher, no offence to all teachers out there, but I know myself that I am not capable of being a teacher. I have been applying for career within this period, been going to written tests and interviews but still here I am at home taking care of my baby.

I have discussed this matter with DH. We have agreed that I will stay at home until Dad retires this November. We do not want to have maid to take care of our baby hence we came to this decision. I am still applying for career when the post advertised are something that I have interest to do and not only it can improve myself but also, allow me to contribute to our country. No, I am not being choosy but I want to start a career for the next 35 years of my life (Insya Allah!) not a job. Yes, I have applied both to public and private sectors.

I am enjoying my time at home now with my baby. There is only me-time when he is asleep, that is for sure but I do not mind. I can do the house chores when I have my other siblings at home so they can look after Baby while I do the chores. I don't feel comfortable leaving him out of my sight even when he is asleep hence making me difficult to do the house chores. I'm glad that I am still living with my parents, they have been helping me a lot since.

We have not decided that I will forever be a SAHM, this is just for temporary - until Dad retires at least. If I manage to start a career before he retires then I hope I can place Baby in a daycare - hoping daycare will be available at workplace soon. I am constantly worrying about a lot of things, sometimes I can just be over-thinking about everything. DH has always been really kind and patient - I am really thankful that he is my lifetime companion. ILY!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Friday, 9 March 2012

Favourite Thing : Summer SwaddleMe

I have decided that I will be writing a series of our favourite things during this mommyhood period. :D

Since I wrote about swaddling early this week, I am excited to talk about our favourite wrap that we used for Baby Iqbal in his early days. Other than the cotton cloth we normally used since he was born, we also use Summer SwaddleMe infant wrap. It is a LIFESAVER to calm our baby especially at night! Without being swaddle, Baby would stay awake until after midnight screaming and crying, refusing to go to sleep.

This wrap comes in two sizes - small/ medium (7-14lbs) and large (14-22lbs). We bought two S/M wraps for our daily use - blue and green. They have some solid colours and also pattern designs. It also has the laundry tabs to avoid from laundry chain especially to its baby binder.

Hubs bought this wrap because he found it complicted using the cloth. *but not anymore now!* I must say, this wrap is simple, easy, fuss free and daddy (or new modern parent) friendly. For a squirming baby at night, this wrap is definitely useful and quick for us.

Baby Iq outgrew the wraps after two months of daily use - we simply cannot put the hook to the tabs anymore. After many washes, the aplix are still strong but the colours have fade. It had shrinks couple inches too from the way it looks.

the packaging

see! it's as easy as ABC 123 ;p

Baby Iqbal around 2 weeks old *mwahs!*
Where to buy?
You can get this infant wrap at both Mothercare in Kiulap and Manggis, and also at Hua Ho Kiulap. It costs around $36.90 each (if I'm not mistaken. I forgot!). Happy swadding mommies! (and daddies and grandparents and everyoneee!) ;)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

3 months appointment

Today's stats: (12 days to 4 months)

Weight: 6.66kgs
Height: 63cm
HC: 42cm

Alhamdulillah Baby Iqbal is gaining well. I'm a proud momma! *:D Today he had his second dose for DPT (or Tetrahib) and Polio. We gave him paracetamol immediately once we got home takut panas badannya.

Hubs could not make it today so we went with my sister, at around 11am. Yes, we were late! ;p Baby Iqbal knew that he was getting his jab somehow! He was fussy already when we entered the room and as I sat. Hehe I guess he is familiar with the drill already ;) Still, he is a strong baby! *kiss* :D

Next appointment is in 5 weeks (11th Apr) for his final dose of DPT and Polio. Whewh! Hehe

** Updates on 8th March

Baby Iq has been having fever since yesterday after the jab he had. We give his paracetamol every 6hrs for the last 24hrs and Alhamdulillah his temperature has gone down. Insya Allah he will be healthy again in no time. Really manja and squeaks a lot!!! Sampai sarut sudah suaranya.. And he sleeps most of the time. I guess its because of the meds he took. Poor Baby! *Hope you'll feel better soonest Syg!*

Monday, 5 March 2012


When Baby Iq was born, we swaddle him with a piece of cotton cloth - about a metre size to keep his hands and feet from scratching his face and also, as the elderly usually say "to keep from flying hands".

At first, I was reluctant to keep on swaddling Baby Iq but now I am used to it already. Somehow swaddling helps him to sleep better especially during the day. *Good thing!* We used to swaddle him too at night but we have stopped as he now can sleep better since we are co-sleeping.

Sometimes it is really hard to put him to sleep (even when he's all cranky), so we will just swaddle him while he's screaming and he will then fall asleep in just few minutes. Ha! But of course, if I see him long enough being swaddle I'd loosen it a little bit so he can move his hands and body easily.

I am writing this entry while watching him sleeping in his rocker. My parents definitely love to swaddle him before sleep and I don't, unless when he is cranky and squirming. He was crying and screaming in the middle of his nursing time just now. My dad then decided to put him to sleep and guess what? Next thing you know he fall asleep already. Hehe.. ;) I love watching him sleep because sometimes I find him smiling while he is sleeping. Sweet adorable smile which always melt my heart! <3 He can be cheeky too at times! He' open his eyes one side then the other, when you look at him he'll close his eyes again! Caught him doing that just now! *Lol!*