Monday, 31 December 2012

The Best of 2012


Today is the end of 2012! How time flies! I must say, the highlight for this year has got to be being a first time mom overall. From breastfeeding, to cloth diapering, to making homemade baby food and best of all, watching my baby grow up every single day. Alhamdulillah! I could not ask for more blessings than these.

There are ups and downs for the past one year but with my kind, loving and supportive husband and families, I managed to get through. Patience is definitely what I always struggle with and I'm glad, I have learned being more patient and less grumpy. :P There are times when we get 'the look' from people when we are out, like we are too young to have a baby. *lol* This is always funny and annoying sometimes! We've past age 25 already people~


Early this year, Dear Husband and I celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary at Li Gong, Empire Hotel. We also enjoyed our Ramadhan and Syawal more this year with Baby Iqbal and my sister got hitched before that in June. Seeing Baby Iqbal in his baju melayu always put smiles on our face. Adorably cute!!! We also had our Majlis Mandi Belawat dan Berdikir just about two weeks before we celebrated Baby Iqbal Pororo-themed 1st Birthday. We also made our first trip to Miri with Baby Iqbal for Dad's birthday celebration. We also had friend gatherings throughout the year too - with Iman's friends, my best friends and my Uni friends.


For this, it is definitely in the beauty department - skincare and makeups. I rediscovered my long lost love for skincare and makeups that I had few years ago and now, I even became more adventurous in trying out new things this year. I found that some works, and some did not. Being me, once I found something that works I would stick to it for the longest time until I have another "rediscoveries". :P Hehe.. I'll try to get the things I have in my wishlists first and work it out from there if I need? want? more.

On the other hands, for handbags and shoes, I have few things that have been on top of my list for the past years (this deserves another post, I will work on it!). And, I have also added few more this year. :P Michael Kors. Coach. Prada. to name a few.

I guess that's about it. Baby Iqbal and I had been having fever since last Wednesday and Iqbal's condition worsen on Friday. But Alhamdulillah.. We both are getting better already. Yay!


Saturday, 29 December 2012

Hantaran Bag: Louis Vuitton Idylle Speedy 30

Today, my dear handbag officially turns 2 years old. Hehehe.. I saw the receipt months ago and decided to dedicate this post on Miss LV 2nd Birthday. So here it is! *:D

From Dearest Husband, bought in the UK by Dear Mother-in-law at Selfridges, London. Back then, I was not interested with their monogram canvas hence I chose this bag. I thought there was no counterfeit bags for this bag available and apparently, there are. Pfft!

Usually, I use this bag when I go to functions/ special occasions. I can definitely thrown everything in this bag - wallet, travel pack tissue, keys, phones, coin purse, makeup bag and left with so many room. Nowadays, I also put Baby Iqbal's water bottle, snacks and toys.

This bag is not structured, a little bit floppy but it's okay. The colour is perfect and I do not have to worry about stains or to match it with my outfits. Although I would usually worried when its raining because the material is cloth, not canvas nor leather. -_-"

I LOOOOVE this bag so much and I will always treasure it. Afterall, this is my first LV! *:D

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Baby Iqbal's Afternoon Stroll

Yay we finally brought Baby Iqbal to the Empire Hotel to enjoy the beautiful nature. :D He loves to see the waves and listen to the sounds when we passed by the beach/ lagoon, so we decided to sit on the grass near to the beach/ lagoon. We went with my sister, then Dear Husband came after work to join us. Such a wonderful afternoon. Relaxing!!!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Michael Kors Luggage Tote

After excitedly and anxiously waiting for about a week (and tracking its shipping for almost every hour and minutes :P), I am now a proud owner for this Michael Kors bag [here] that I have been lusting for the past few months. Yayy!!! :D

I did extensive research and waiting patiently for great deals from sites in the US and since Christmas is coming, it is definitely the best time to get a good promotions (and the bag, of course! :P)

excellent packaging

For the past few months, I had been looking at different sites for its availability - Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, one second its available and the next second its gone which frustrates me every.single.time! Recently, between the three sites, Saks offered cheapest (USD10.95) shipping cost using DHL Express which normally would cost twice or triple the price. I felt like I've hit a jackpot! *literally!*

After I took the box from DHL, I was really excited opening it and when I saw the bag, I kneww it is the PERFECT bag. I smile from ear to ear, mesmerise with her beauty :DDD And the most important, I want to say thank you to my Dearest Husband for the bag! ❤ :D

Friday, 21 December 2012

Baby Iqbal's Day Out

Last Tuesday, my sister, my brothers, baby Iqbal and I decided to go out for groceries shopping. We first went to Times Square and Baby Iqbal started to groan looking at the bouncer there. Haha..

It was really funny to see him trying to move his body. Hehehe so CUTE!!! My brothers and sister kindly company him to jump. We paid B$0.50 for 30 mins and was more than enough for him.

trying to move :P haha

This moving-toy has become a must for him whenever he sees one. Haha.. He'll be afraid to sit in it at first then after two rounds, he refused to go out. *LOL*

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New Revlon in Guardian

I thought I'd share this with you guys. I went to Guardian at Giant last night and I saw a couple of new products at Revlon shelves.

First is Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (correct me if I got the name wrong). I've seen these in the blogosphere for a while. Mixed reviews about it. To me, it looks like a jumbo lip pencil like NYX has. Oh! I only saw 8 shades last night but I think I saw more in Guardian at Hua Ho Manggis.

pic credit Google

Its currently on promotion B$17.01 (NP B$18.90), a little bit expensive than Revlon Lip Butter which I looove (currently on promotion Buy 1 Free 1 for B$15.90).

Second (and final one) is Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup. I saw the ad in a magazine few months back. We have four shades here - Nude, Medium Beige, Warm Golden and Caramel. They cost about B$26.91 each and on promotion as well.

pic credit Google

I tested one of the shades on my hand and it feels really soft and blends nicely onto my skin. However, I am not sure about the tub glass packaging - I prefer with pumps more hygienic in my opinion. But I'd love to try it as soon as my Max Factor foundation finish (which might take a while haha).

Go to your nearest Guardian to check these out. I think all Guardian have updated their makeup section as Silky Girl, Maybelline and L'Oreal shelves are now also have been restocked. ;)

Friday, 14 December 2012

New Lust: Sigma Brushes

I have been lusting for these brushes lately. Sigma Mr Bunny travel kit brushes. Its synthetic, vegan friendly (sounds good eh?) and from reviews, its the softest brush from Sigma Beauty. I'm solddd!!!

I prefer the travel size than the regular ones because I love doing my makeup closer to the mirror. It's shorter, easier to handle and compact. I'm wearing glasses, so when I'm putting on my makeup I'm partially blind.

I'd love to get the coloured brushes - aqua, purple, coral, mrs bunny blue & pink but I'll stick with the classic black to match my other brushes.

If I got hold of this set, I don't think I'll be buying other brushes. Who am I kidding? :P I want Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush too. And I'll still be getting Ecotools blush brush and ELF Essential eyeshadow and blending brush from my wishlist [here]. But that's it I hope! ;)

UPDATE (8th March 2013)

I just placed my order for Sigma brushes from Luxola today. I'm happy that they have 20% discount in conjunction with today's Woman's International Day. Yayy can't wait for them to arrive! :D

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Movie Date Twilight

Dear Husband and I went to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 last night. It has been really really a long time since our last movie. Avengers. When was that ah? Hehehe.. Over a year ago or almost a year already? Whatevs! :P

We were having our hi-tea at CA Mohd with my family when DH suddenly said, "let's watch movie!" when my mom brought Baby Iqbal home with her and dad. I asked my brother how they new cinema are, how to book tickets, where to see their shows timetable and so on. So, we went straight to the newly opened cinema, Times Cineplex to buy our ticket and I was literally jumping up and down! :D Thank you Sayanggg!

I have read the book long time ago. :P I did not remember how the movie is supposed to be like. It was months ago when I watched the trailer. So yea, I went with zero expectation but loving Taylor Lautner at heart. *lol* Team Jacob!!! Renesmee is such a sweetheart. So cute and pretty! DH did not like the ending, "it's not epic" since this is the last installment but I love it. I am happy that everyone is happy. Such a hopeless romantic! *lol* But hey, I love happy ending. Forever. ;)

We miss Baby Iqbal every time when we go out without him. ;(

Sunday, 9 December 2012

I love blushes!

Since I have discovered my new "interest", I realised that I have a huge love for blushes. When ever I am looking at new brands, I'd look at their blushes range first. The only downside (for me) having too many blushes is I do not know when can I finish them. I still have the one and only MAC Pet Me blush for over two years now (and I still want to try other colours). Anyway, these blushes are included in my wish list :P

1. ELF Studio Blushes
I can't decide yet which colour but I like to have tickled pink and either peachy keen or candid coral and as for the pink ones, I'm not sure which one hehe ;P

pic credit Amarixe

2. Illamasqua Blushes
I only have Hussy in my wishlist but they recently come out with duo blush - Hussy and Lover, and I thought that is a really good deal. I mean, I don't know when can I finish one blush but with two smaller blush is definitely a better deal ;)

pic credit Illamasqua site

3. Benefit blushes
These have been in my wish list for ages! :P First, Dandelion was introduced by my colleague at work (the same person who introduced to me Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in Charcoal). I don't blame her but I love my face when she did my make up for fun when we were at work before ;) Hehe

pic credit Benefit site

4. Nars blushes
I have set my eyes on Orgasms (my makeup artist used it during my Mandi Belawat function) and it's lovely!!! I love the colour on me :D Deep throat. Sin. Ok, If I can get hold of the blush palette is even better ;) I know there are dupes for Nars blushes but I really want to own at least one ;)

pic credit Temptalia

5. Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes
I love the blush gift (for holiday this year however it comes with a highlighter and bronzer which I have not ventured into, but I do not mind having them but I love the other two colours and it's not available in their parmanent line *bummer!*) But hey, their blushes are lovely too~

pic credit Tarte site

As you can see, I have more and more in my wishlist and this excluding the ones that I'm getting from MAC, Natural Collection, Makeup Academy (MUA) and Sleek. *slaps forehead* Blush is my makeup essential. I can go out without wearing any mascara or lipstick (as long as I have my lip balm) but blush is a MUST!!! :D It adds a healthy glow and colour to my face.

What are your makeup essentials? I'd say for me.. BB cream or foundation, blush, eyeliner and lip balm/ lip butter or lipstick ;)

Friday, 7 December 2012

New Lust: Sleek MakeUP

The next make up brand I want to try (after I bought my MUA makeups in my shopping list) is Sleek MakeUp. :D

I have look through their site and I have set my eyes on three items.
  • first is their Oh so Special eyeshadow palette (although storm and au naturel looks tempting but I'm going to get just one) :P
  • next is their blusher in Rose Gold (most people says its a dupe for Nars Orgasms just slightly different in colour) and Pomegranate.
  • and lastly, their lipstick in Coral Reef. Other colours look intimidating but this one caught my attention.  It is actually an orangey red colour (not like in the picture).
pic credit: Sleek MakeUp site

The great thing about this Sleek MakeUp is that they ship worldwide. Yay!! From most reviews that I have read, their colours are highly pigmented so we need to use a light hand in application. I might try to order these sometime next year. :) Insya Allah..

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

That feeling!

My sister and I just finished watching Keepin' up with the Kardashian. We love to see how close they are with each other, and I'm so happy that we are too, close with each other.

The part that made me nostalgic was when Kourtney gave birth to little Penelope. I definitely adore Kourtney among them three. That part really reminded me when I gave birth to Baby Iqbal. That feeling. It's undescribable. Its pure happiness, blessful moment.

In short, despite all the pain, I definitely want to feel that feeling again someday. Insya Allah~ :D

Sunday, 2 December 2012

November Haul

I remember that I mentioned here before that I was on a spending ban until our trip to Miri in mid of the month. Well that was not successful at all. *baddd!* :P I actually made purchases prior to our trip twice and once right after.

I already wrote two posts about my earlier purchases. ELF Complexion brush [previous post here] and, Sigma Bare palette and Coastal Scents 88 Warm palette I bought online [previous post here]. So far, I've been loving my new brush and still playing around with both of my eyeshadow palettes. Neutral looks all the way! ;D

Then my haul from Miri [previous post here]. I have been using the Max Factor Ageless Elixir foundation for the past two weeks and I love it!!! The velvety texture, fruity scent and its natural finish. I like to use my Simple facial wipes to clean my face before washing, just to make sure my face is super clean. Bio Essence Tanaka White for my morning wash and Bird's Nest at night time.

I also bought few Essence items soon after - eyeshadow base, lash and brow gel and eyeshadow brush. I just had to buy to eyeshadow base because Imah loves it. Bought the lash and brow gel to make my eyebrow looks nicer and I wanted to get ELF eyeshadow brush at first but Paloma Serusop didn't have it so I just had to try this one. Its an ok brush I think, can't compare much since I do not own any.

Lastly, I am mostly excited about this last purchase I made. I bought Missha Perfect Cover bb cream in light beige (no.21) for US$7.38 through ebay (seller name: iamlove-shop). Excellent service and communication I must say. My item arrived after 3 weeks and I used standard shipping with tracking number for US$2.50 (not economy) for shipping. The seller gave me 3 samples from Missha too and excellent (and safe) packaging as well. Thumbs up! :D

So what have you bought for yourself last month? ;D On a happier note, a month to go til our family vacation. I'm already listing down my beauty items to buy ;) Muahaha :P

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Beauty Sale

SKIN79 will be celebrating 2ND ANNIVERSARY SALE this NOVEMBER 28th -2nd Dec (5days)


Special Price (HOT PINK 40g & VIP Gold 40g at $7.90 ONLY upon purchase $200! 

Purchase $79 and get selected items at $2 ONLY! 

GRAB 50%OFF frm 12noon-1pm (1hour) ONLY.** While Stocks lasts..

20%OFF on ALL ITEMS plus each day from Nov 28th-Dec 2nd (5days), we are showering our beloved SKIN79 BBholics with 50% OFF that will last for an hour only. 

This is to show our deep gratitude to all of you who have shown loved and given support for SKIN79 since we started. NOW JOIN US AS WE CELEBRATE OUR 2nd ANNIVERSARY! 

Thank you so much ♥ 

It will be an appointed time by our Management, for more info kindly stay tuned here at our Fanpage, we'll sure to keep you posted :) For Nov 28th 50% OFF allocated time will be from 12noon-1pm, I'm sure VIP GOLD BB , assorted cleansers will be on 50% OFF plus a lot more... :) See you! 

Note: SKIN79 SERI QLAP MALL store will be temporarily closed, please proceed to THE MALL, Gadong.. 2457339


Up to 20% OFF.
FREE deluxe samples.
Purchase worth $59 & GET 50%OFF on our Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Special Set

*copy and paste from their Facebook account*

So, is there anything you want to buy? I'm not sure if I should be getting the 15g Snail Bb cream because the one I have, have been using it for the last 4 months and it is still rather heavy. Hmm.. For back up maybe? :P


Shop @ Sarah 4th ANNIVERSARY SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the shop today and OH-MY-GOD!!! I feel like I want stay there for hours. Lol! :P I did not realised that they have Benefit, Too Faced, Sigma brushes, Urban Decay, Victoria Secret and etc there and all are on 20% sale :D:D:D So yes, do go there and check out their stuffs especially NYX as with discount, it's not that overpriced anymore ;)

I bought NYX round lipstick in Tea Rose and NYX jumbo eye pencil in Yogurt (should probably buy the cult Milk or Cottage Cheese or Iced Mocha or French Fries :P). Next!!! Hehehe and I'm looking at their blushes too :P:P:P

Monday, 26 November 2012

It has been a year!

Today marks the first year I have been successfully breastfeeding baby Iqbal. Syukur alhamdulillah.. :D You can read how we began [here] and when we reached the 6th month marks [here].

We have tried a few times to supplement Baby Iqbal with formula milk after he was 6 months old. Failed attempts every time. There are times when I am worried about my milk supply. So as usual, what I'd do is to eat and drink a lot. Somehow I feel like I am not that petite anymore.
-___- Haha it's okayyy ;)

I am constantly worried because he is slowly not gaining any weight for the last three months despite having three meals daily. Breakfast with fruits puree, lunch and dinner with either butternut squash + pear or sweet potato + apple, though for the past couple of months he also eats rice with fish or chicken and pasta with us for lunch and dinner.

Since he has started on solid foods, he only direct feed about 5-6 times from morning to midnight, and few times when he sleeps. He basically just opens my shirt whenever he wants it. Other than breastmilk, he drinks water and eat snacks in between meals. I have not introduce him to fresh fruit juices yet. Maybe I should do that soon!

I must say, it has been a wonderful journey being able to breastfeed Baby Iqbal this long! I never expected it. I keep telling myself, "selagi masih ada and mampu, just continue breastfeed". Dear Husband keep reminding me the same thing too. Alhamdulillah.. I always have him to support me. ILY Sayangg! :D I love baby mama too! :D

Friday, 23 November 2012

New Lust: Prada Saffiano Lux Tote

I saw this bag on someone's today and it reminded me about this post. This post has been in the draft for a while now. Here it is! ;)

This is one of the luxury handbag I have been lusting for the past months. I love the design - simple and clean. Big enough for me to dump few of Iqbal's toys and other needs. This probably more suitable for work but I think it can be use for going out as well.

This bag comes in multiple sizes. I have to see it in person to match it with my body so it won't look like the bag is carrying me :P Another good thing about this bag is it comes with a sling so we can carry it on our shoulder as well. *Just like my LV bag but I have never use the sling. Maybe I should do it soon!* The colours are also vary by season but if I'm not mistaken, black is one of their parmanent colour along with beige and grey colours. This is the one with top zip, they also have an open tote which I'm not really fond of but I like the idea of dumping everything in it :P

Prada Saffiano Lux Double-zip tote in black

Price: USD 1960

  • textured saffiano leather brings interest to this classically structured style
  • double top handles 5" drop
  • magnetic side snap gusset
  • protective metal feet
  • 2three inner compartments, two zipped and one open
  • one inside zip pocket
  • signature jacquard lining
  • 14"W x 10 1/4"H x 5 3/4"D (I think this will fits nicely on me! :P)
  • made in Italy
Available online from and (both have international shipping).
Bad news! They don't ship PRADA bag and MK to Brunei. Boo! If you know where else we can find handbag we can buy online, let me know :) Thanks!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

12 months appointment

This morning baby Iqbal went to the clinic for his 12 months clinic appointment. His last appointment was when he was 9 months old.

We were informed earlier that for his 12 months clinic appointment, he will be given two jabs on both of his hands. *Scary! Yes, I was scared for him as I myself can't stand getting jabs ;(* So yes, today he had his MMR and HiB jabs on both of his hands. He cried for few seconds and then stopped. Strong boy! :D

We did the normal routine, checked his weight, maintained for the last 3 months 8.5kgs ;( But he is definitely getting taller. He was given vitamin too since he is not gaining any weight. Baby Iqbal now has two teeth at the front upper jaw and one at the bottom. I can see that he is now learning to stand without holding on to anything. :D Grow up well Dear Son! ❤

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pororo Birthday theme for Baby Iqbal

Last Sunday, we had a birthday party for Baby Iqbal. It is an advanced celebration though. Dear Husband and I agreed to have a Pororo theme instead of Mickey Mouse (because it was Mickey's birthday too).

Our preparations mostly are the decorations and gifts (games for kids which we did not play at allecause the house was full! :P). My best friend, F also helped me with the decorations especially balloons, while my other two best friends, B & A prepared the cupcakes for our guests and for everything they did to helped us out throughout the party. I love you girls!!! :D

ps: If you want to check out the cupcakes, find pvintajcupcakes and muffinsparadise on instagram ;) Delish!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Son! ❤

Today, last year...
Little that we know that you were going to be born today
At this hour, I was still nervous with the 'pain' I'll be enduring
Taking care of a newborn and parenting were foreign to your dad and I
(Thank God we have your grandparents for guidance, support and help, together with all your uncles and aunties)
But, today...
We can not live without seeing your smiles and hearing to your laughter and cries
You have been a wonderful addition in our life
We are really greateful that you are the reason why life has been a blessing every single day

Mama and Ayah love you dearly son! May we always be together in this life and the after in Jannah, insya Allah.. Mudah-mudahan Iqbal jadi anak yang soleh, taat, penyayang dan penyabar. Aamiin!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Miri Trip and Haul

It was 1st Muharam public holiday yesterday and my dad's 55th birthday the day before so my whole family decided to have a short trip to Miri to celebrate it together. Of course, my parents, sister and little brother decided to stay a night while my sister & husband, my brother and us decided to go home after.

On our way to Miri (we were in Kuala Belait already when my sister remembered that their car's blue card was left at home. Nightmare!!!). We definitely did not want to go back, we have travelled for over an hour already so my sister's husband decided to borrow his friend's car. Bad news as the friend's car blue card is also not with him. My sister (in Miri) told us to follow her friend, Kak Ros instead. She's our saviour of the day!!! What a memorable FIRST trip for Baby Iqbal :P

After almost 4 hours on the road, we finally made it to Miri and another one hour trying to find parking space at Parkson. Double nightmare! *lol* But all is good in the end. Alhamdulillah!!! We finally had our late lunch to celebrate Dad's birthday at Kenny Rogers *super hungry!!!* and did a little bit of shopping ;)

pants. shirts for this Sunday ;). Iqbal's sleeping PJs. Baby Airis  baju.

I mostly scanned through the brands available at Parkson, Sasa and Watson. I went a little bit wild looking at all the brands available. :P Dior. Lancome. Chanel. Biotherm. SK-II. Coach. Lioele. Lunasol. Clarins. Kate. Revlon. Maybelline. Za. In2it. L'oreal. The Balm at Sasa. Husband even said to me "Don't make that look! You're embarassing me!" *LOL* :P

Sadly I did not go to Guardian. I was looking for Rimmel at Parkson but it was not there. Apparently we can find Rimmel at Guardian according to Kak Ros. *sighs!* I was looking forward to try their foundation. Oh well~ I did manage to grab something else though - Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foundation & Serum with SPF15 in Warm Almond 45. *whewh! what a long name!*

Bio Essence Tanaka White Doble Whitening Cleansing Foam.
Bio Essence Bird's Nest Deep Cleansing Foam.
Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh lotion
Simple Anti Aging Facial Wipes
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black Brown and Charcoal (back-up)
Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foudation + Serum with SPF 15
in Warm Almond 45

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Purchases from ChloeAsh blog sale

Recently Ms Lily, a beauty blogger from had a blog sale. When I looked at the items on sale, I was very interested with her Sigma Bare and Coastal Scents 88 Warm eyeshadow palettes. Just because I have been itching to get eyeshadow palettes to play with the colours. You see, both of these palettes have neutral everyday shades which I preferred. She posted my items on Friday and it has arrived today! Yayyy!!! :D

Sigma Bare palette was released in mid 2011 and sometime in mid 2009 Coastal Scents 88 Warm was released together with their other 88 palettes. (Fyi, both Sigma and Coastal Scents do worldwide shipping). These palettes cost US$35 and US$24.95 (now on sale US$13.72). I bought these two for RM140 including shipping and paid B$5 for tax when I collected these. A good deal indeed! :D

I am still learning how to apply eyeshadow and whatnots, still a noob but I like what I have seen so far. So, I'm gna go now. I want to play with the colours! ;) Thank you Dear Lily!!!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

New Lust: Makeup Academy

I first came across this makeup brand when I was watching this video [here] and soon after I saw Imah wrote her makeup review on MUA Undressed palette [here]. So, I went to check this brand and oh I am so impressed! Makeup Academy is a budget makeup brand in the UK (exclusively available in Superdrug) and also their site (btw, they ship internationally! Such a plus point!) :D

These have made it into my shopping list ;)

MUA Palettes
Heaven & Earth, Undressed and Artiste Collection

I really like Heaven & Earth and Undressed palettes, both have neutral shades. I read that Undressed is dupe for Urban Decay Naked palette. The colour pay off are if not similar is almost identical to the UD Naked palette. I wanted to get UD Naked palette but it's sort of expensive £36/ US$50 while MUA palettes only cost £4 considering I'll be using these just for special occasions and events (not on daily basis). I might as well get something that is cheaper but have almost the same quality and pigmentation with the higher end one.

The Artiste Collection is their newest addition, 6 marble-like eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter. A great bargain especially for me who have not ventured into wearing bronzer and highlighter yet. Oh right! Their eye primer is in the shopping list too.

pic credit mua site ;)

Ok, I think I love blushes more and since these only cost £1, I might be getting all of them :P (shade 1 to 6 - they don't have a name for their colours yet!). I could not decide which colour to choose plus it's difficult to match them to my skin just by looking at their site. Anyway, if there's any colour won't look nice on me, I'll pass them to my sister ;) Hehhe

I was thinking of getting their brow kit but I think the colour is not suitable for us with darker colour brow, so I'm gna pass. I might be venturing out to cream blushes once I get all my brushes fix. ;) Who knows!

UPDATE (7th March 2013)

So, my MUA items that I ordered in last January (when they had 50% sale and FREE shipping) finally arrived. This [here] is the post I wrote about my haul. I am going to place an order again when they have a sale OR free shipping promo ;) Hehhe

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Visit to Opah and Atok

Last Tuesday, we paid a visit to my grandparents' place in Kota Batu with my parents. They came to our event recently and we only managed to talk briefly so I thought that would be a great idea for Baby Iqbal to know his opah and atok. He visited them before but baby Iqbal is now smarter to know who is who already. We visited my in-laws every Sunday, so he recognised them pretty well already. Plus, my grandma needed my mom's help sorting out her medicines. After all, mom is her personal nurse. Hehhe

that's my parent sorting out my grandma's medicine and
baby Iqbal being so clingy 'manja' :P
ani 'panas' sudah baby Iqbal so he crawled anywhere he wants *lol*

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Makeup Brushes

I have wrote about makeups and skincare (including hair care) before so now I am going to write about something that I am currently learning and researching, makeup brushes.

I am aware that there are A LOT of different types and brands of makeup brushes, from the drugstore inexpensive brands to high end brands. I only have one brush for the last two years, I use it for powder and blusher - the multipurpose MAC 129SH Powder/Blush brush.

When it comes to makeup brushes, I am only familiar with a few brands - MAC, Sigma, E.L.F but after reading beauty blogs and watching beauty vlogs, now I know a few more. I recently went to check out The Face Shop brushes, Etude House brushes, The Body Shop brushes, Holika Holika brushes but only one caught my attention, E.L.F brushes at Paloma. It is definitely overpriced!!! Boo! Each brush cost B$19.90 whereas its actually only cost US$3 and GBP3.75 for the Studio line.

Having said that, I actually bought E.L.F Complexion brush. I bought their blush brush at first, then I find it a little bit too small for my cheeks then I went back to Paloma after two days to change the brush. :P Now that I have the Complexion brush with me, I feel like I want the blush brush back. Ok, you can call me crazy. *scream* Helppp!!!

Anyway, I have added few (read some) brushes in my want-it list ;p
  1. EcoTools Bamboo Blush Brush - just because I read that its an excellent brush from MWS
  2. No7 Foundation and Concealer brush - two of the many Lisa Eldridge's favourite brushes
  3. E.L.F Studio Brush - Can I have all of them?? :P Ok, maybe just the angled blush brush, powder brush, eyeshadow C brush and contour brush :P:P
  4. Real Techniques Powder brush or Face Expert brush (this is a foundation brush)
  5. MAC 129 brush (should I still be getting the same one or other brush that might attract me during our vacation :P)
  6. Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush (again from MWS and ChloeAsh but I think closer dupe would be the same-look brush from Missha. Don't quote me on this. I'm not sure abt the quality tho!)
I do not even know why I need MORE THAN ONE blusher brush, powder brush, foundation brush and etc. *LOL* Again, you can call me ehmm crazy.

E.L.F Complexion brush and MAC 129SH

From the picture, you can see that MAC is a little bit denser than the ELF brush but, ELF is way so much softer than MAC. However, MAC have been scratchy to my face and the hairs shed since I washed it a month ago! *pain* but I super love this brush! :( Oh I find this site [here] to be VERY helpful in deciding which brush we need. ;)

UPDATE (31st Jan 2013)

I have bought EcoTools Bamboo Blush Brush. Well, my best friend bought it for me when she went to the UK for a winter holiday. You can see the post here [UK Haul].