Sunday, 30 October 2011

How to Cloth Diaper a Newborn

How to Cloth Diaper a Newborn

We are in the midst of learning on how to use the traditional lampin (flats diapers). How to fold them correctly, how to increase its absorbency and to do a little bit of “modernisation” to the lampin using diaper covers. ;)
Iman and I initially have decided on using just the disposable diapers during the first couple of months and then to slowly change to cloth diapers. However, both my parents have another plan, that is to use the traditional lampin while I am still in my confinement period. Dang! Mom said, it’s very HOT during the day and you don’t want Baby to get diaper rash, do you? *give up arguing! hehe*
Instead of continuing my (excessive) reading on different brand of cloth diapers and their reviews, I have been looking for information on using flat diapers. Again, Cloth Diaper Malaysia doesn’t fail me to give such a valuable information. Thank you Farhana! :D  Here are the links that I have been reading,
From my recent reading, I know that Autumnz is not suitable for a newborn. On a brighter side, I can use their inserts to increase the absorbency in flat diapers. Yay!!! Since I only have 4 MFI, I guess we still have to wash it everyday. I have 4 Flips stay dry inserts coming though. I wonder if it will works. Will definitely try them.
I have also bought a diaper cover from YippeeHouse Tan. Only one though, Baby Beehind (BBH) newborn nappy cover in Metropolitan (which I love the pattern so much!) and it cost $13.90 only. Next month, they will be reviewing their prices though. :( Considering that we will only be using flat diapers during the day, we will definitely need to wash the cover every night and lucky it is in PUL so it dries quicker even under the fan.
The more I read, truthfully speaking, I become more keen on cloth diapering our Baby full-time. We definitely in a huge savings advantage from buying disposable diapers every month (keep in mind, the price changes as the size change, but they definitely wear them less when they become a toddler or have started potty training).
We just can’t wait to experience all these new things when Baby arrives :D Insya Allah ♥

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Week 36 - review

Yesterday I had my first weekly appointment. The usual routine – urine test for the sugar, blood pressure (a bit high but still normal) and weight (same as last week).
Finally after waiting for more than 2 hrs, they called out my name. It was short and brief. The nurse checked Baby’s heartbeat :D and gave second dose of the anti-tetanus jab (that hurts! huhu). The Doctor told me to get another ultrasound next week to check on my placenta. At first, I didn’t know that I was suppose to get my placenta check, it was when I made my booking at the ultrasound receptionist who told me.
So when I told mama about it, she was shocked (and I think a bit mad and worried too) that I need to get another ultrasound. She said, they have checked your placenta last time when they did the ultrasound. Why do they asked you to do it again? It’s not good for the Baby. Do you know the risks involved when doing the ultrasound? and it goes on and on.. and I was just sitting there in the car …… *speechless*
Okay so we are in my 36 weeks and I have been reading about the Perineal massage. Thanks to my best friend who managed to help me get Mothercare’s perineal gel in the UK. The thing is, they do not sell it here. Today I received an email from Mummysreviews and she mentioned about the Perineal massage too. I have read the how in WhatToExpect but I have not done it diligently yet. Can checkhere too for the guide on how to do it.
First I read about the perineal massage was here, then here and here. Credit to Diah for the valuable information. Been researching about it since then. You know, to prevent tear and episiotomy. I’m actually scared about this especially when I found out that the tear and stitch will sort of limit our capabilities after we gave birth and not to forget the pain that comes along with it. Yes, I have fear with everything that involves needle, pain and blood. Ya Allah, please give me strength. Amin…
Next is to get my hospital bag (have not start yet) and Baby box ready (almost there!). We’re having a Doa Selamat and Baby Shower this Saturday with our friends :D Can’t waittttt!!!

Monday, 24 October 2011

My Autumnz Stash

Being a newbie in modern cloth diapering, this is one of the few brands I came across among cloth diapering moms here. If you want to try pocket diapers and on a budget like us, Autumnz is actually not bad choice to begin with. :D
my first CD stash
I am looking forward to add few more in my collection after trying these eye candies to our Baby. There are other pocket diapers brand like bum genius, fuzzi bunz, happy heinys and etc. Since I will probably using them for night time diapering, might as well spend less on the diaper cover and invest more on the inserts.
Although AI2 cloth diapers are a tad bit more expensive, same principle applies as we will need less cloth diaper cover and more of the inserts during the day. I hope I will be able to keep this in mind, or else, there goes my attempt in saving money although I will probably be contributing more by saving the mother earth. Lol!
When you buy Autumnz CD,
  • you will get FREE 2 super-absorbent 3 layers of microfibre insert (or MFI, for short)
  • it comes in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) all in ONE diaper by adjusting the front snap buttons, also known as one size (OS) CD
  • One size from birth to potty training
  • Tested to fit babies/toddlers from 3 kg - 18 kg
  • Soft inner microfleece lining, to keep baby dry and rash free
  • Waterproof PUL outer to prevent leak
  • Easy to use hook and loop fasteners
  • 3 x 3 snap design to give a snug fit
  • Easy to clean and quick drying
Washing Instructions :
Before using the diaper set:
  • Wash the diaper and insert several times before use to increase their absorbency
Washing soiled diaper set:
  • Knock solids into toilet
  • Remove the insert from the diaper
  • Rinse and put in the diaper pail. No soaking is necessary
  • Fasten the hook and loop tabs to the laundry tab on the inside of the diaper
  • Wash your diaper up to 60 degree celcius in normal wash cycle with no more than 1/4 to 1/2 of the detergent’s recommended amount per load
Some DO NOTs to remember:
  • Do not use fabric softener as it decreases the absorbency
  • Do not use bleach or other harsh stain remover. Drying diaper in the sun is the most effective way to remove stains
  • Do not use nappy cream as it reduced absorbency
Note: The instructions can also be found on the packaging which is a plus point.
Autumnz Insert dimension – 38 x 13 cm - longer than other standard inserts, making it more superior in terms of absorbency
My opinion: I prefer it longer as you can fold at the front (for front wetter/ baby boy) to increase its absorbency.
For more information, you can check Autumnz site [here].

Saturday, 22 October 2011

More on CDs

I am so happy to finally received our first modern cloth diapers – bought 2 Autumnz CD from Rizqy Husnee early this month. Been showing them to my parents – my dad was really curious how to use and wash them while mom on the other hand. Lol!
Lately, I have been reading (again) on cloth diapers . I’m currently stacking up these cloth diapers so we can try them on our Baby when the time comes. Mom and dad told us to use the traditional lampin too while I am in my confinement period. I am going to buy BBH nappy cover too for the lampin.
After my further reading on cloth diaper – by keeping in mind this may change due to our Baby’s preference – this is what 
I am
 we are planning to do. Hehe..
Seems like from my reading, pocket diapers are suitable for night diapering although the best one would be fitted diapers. Pocket diapers because we can stuff more inserts in it to our heart’s desire. Well, as long as the combination is right, it will make the usage last a little longer. Hence, more investment needed for extra inserts or boosters (including hemp and bamboo perhaps).
While during the day, I think AI2 would be best. Reasons being the cover s reusable and we can just change the inserts every 2-3 hours (at least two cover changes during the day). Furthermore, when we go back to my in-laws during the weekend, this would be very perfect. It is a plus point for travelling or when we’re out and about.
What I can say about Autumnz - appearance based – is I love how soft the fleece is especially to baby’s bum. Although I think by putting 2 inserts makes the CD looks bulky and I’m not too sure if Baby will feel comfortable with that. From what I read, hemp is very good as booster – it absorbs a lot but at slower pace and much thinner too. Next in my CD shopping list is the Loopy Do inserts.
I am still waiting for my Flip CDs from BabyMeshop. Should arrive by the end of this month. Next I would like to try Bamboolite. I am so glad that they have starter pack so I can try their sizing as I read some people have problem with the sizing which lead to leakage.
Actually.. I’m just really excited to explore these CDs!!! Hehehe ;)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Week 35 - review

Today I had my Doctor’s review. At first it was every 4 weeks, then they shortened to every 3 weeks and starting today, I have to come every week. I guess that is how it’s suppose to be seeing that I have 5 weeks left! *nervous*
The nurse also told me to do the fetal movement count. I have 10 kicks today by 1pm. Alhamdulillah.. Baby is very active and healthy. :D There’s nothing else we want more than a healthy baby. Insya Allah..
I have gained about 1kg for the last 3 weeks. Not much but suffice! My blood count is a little low (10.4), mom got worried and told me to eat more of red meat. The Doctor’s said it is actually okay just need to increase a tad bit more.
As they say, it could be any time now and unfortunately we have not pack our hospital bags. We have bought everything though – just need to wash and pack them all. Mom reluctantly allowing me to pack the bags hence the procrastination. People also told me not to be so active now and Mom told me otherwise. Haha confusing much!
At the end of the day, I know people love and care about me. Thank you so much!!! I love you all.. wait, WE love you all! ♥

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Anti Stretch Marks Lotion

Iman has left for Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, the Philippines today. He will be back at midnight next Saturday. *sad* But it’s okay, I have a list of things-to-do while he’s away. We’ll definitely gna miss you, Daddy! :D
Okay, back to the title. Since my early pregnancy, I have been using Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil (aloe vera with Vit E) at least once a day to prevent the stretch marks. When my tummy itches, I usually apply baby oil to relieve the itchiness and it works like magic!
However, lately I find that I’m having dry skin and the itchiness become worse! Huhu.. Iman told me to get a proper anti stretch marks lotion and I saw Palmer’s at Guardian. But oh my.. it’s so pricey! So when we were looking for baby binder at Hua Ho Manggis, we found Pureen anti stretch marks lotion with reasonable price and bought it.
Pureen Stretch Mark Lotion with TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA, contains Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Almond oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Collagen, Elastin and Vitamin E to relieve itchiness due to skin dryness, strengthen skin and enhance its elasticity.
TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA that contains: -
  • Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Rose Hip Seed Oil to moisturize skin and relieve itchiness due to dryness of the skin.
  • Collagen and Elastin to strengthen skin and enhance its elasticity.
  • Vitamin E to give antioxidant protection.
You can check [here] for further information.
I have just started using this lotion for couple of days. So far after applying twice a day, I don’t see the dry skin and it does not itch anymore. Alhamdulillah.. Yay!!! :D

Friday, 14 October 2011

Hikmah dan Pahala Wanita Hamil

I saw this in Facebook this morning. I’d love to share it with everyone.
1. Dua rakaat solat wanita yang hamil lebih baik dari 80 rakaat solat wanita yang tidak hamil.
2. Wanita yang hamil dapat pahala puasa di siang hari & pahala ibadat di malam hari.
3. Wanita yang bersalin dapat pahala 70 tahun solat & puasa serta setiap kesakitan pada satu uratnya, Allah bagi satu pahala haji.
4. Sekiranya wanita meninggal dunia dalam masa 40 hari selepas bersalin ia dikira sebagai mati syahid.
5. Wanita yang beri minum susu badannya kepad anaknya akan dapat 1 pahala daripada tiap titik susu yang diberikannya.
6. Wanita yang beri minum susu badannya kepada anaknya yang menangis maka Allah beri pahala satu tahun pahala solat & puasa.
7. Kalau wanita menyusui anaknya hingga cukup tempoh 2 setengah tahun, maka malaikat dilangit khabarkan berita bahawa syurga wajib baginya.
8. Seorang ibu yang menghabiskan masa malamnya dengan tidur yang tidak selesa kerana menjaga anaknya yang sakit dapat pahala seperti membebaskan 20 orang hamba.
9. Wanita yang tidak cukup tidur pada malam hari kerana menjaga anaknya yang sakit akan di ampunkan oleh Allah akan seluruh dosanya & bila dia hiburkan hati anaknya Allah beri 12 tahun pahala ibadat.
Salam Jumaat semua! :D

Monday, 10 October 2011

Baby Checklist

This [here] is my first Baby checklist I’ve written about two months ago (I think! Hehe).
While reading moms’ blogs recently, I found Amy’s checklist [here] easier and organised. Credit to Amy Mizzunderstood :D Thank you!
Clothes : (NB size)
  • Bodysuits – 4pcs DONE!
  • Sleepsuits – 3pcs  DONE!
  • 2pc clothing – 1pc DONE!
  • Going home clothing (from the hospital) – 1pc DONE!
  • Mittens & Booties – bought 2 sets (we even bought socks 6pcs) DONE!
  • Baby cap – bought 3pcs DONE!
  • Snuggle Pod/ Receiving Blanket – Mothercare DONE!
  • Baby binder (barut) – 4pcs DONE! 
  • Swaddle wrap (kain badung) – we’re going to use mine lucky it’s not pink. hehe
  • Baby laundry detergent – Pureen HAD & Purity Sensitive DONE!
** I actually have bought 4 pcs of sleepsuits for 0-3mths (up to 5-6kgs so it’s a tad big for newborn. Opps!)
Feeding :
  • Breast pump – Medela Swing DONE!
  • Feeding bottles – Tommee Tippee DONE!
  • Milk Storage bottles – Medela DONE!
  • Steriliser- Tommee Tippee DONE!
  • Bottle /Food Warmer – Tommee Tippee DONE!
  • Cooler Bag for milk – Medela DONE!
  • Bib – 1pc included in the set. ** My sis said she wants to buy these
  • Bottle drying rack -
  • Pacifier - may not need this!
  • Bottle Cleanser – Pureen DONE!
Bathing/Baby Care :
  • Bath tub -
  • Baby shampoo/ bath -
  • Baby lotion /oil - DONE!
  • Cotton buds – DONE!
  • Cotton balls/ roll – Mama said we don’t need this, baby wipes is enough
  • Towels – (including dry and cuddle robes, and flannels) Mothercare DONE!
  • Changing Mat -
  • Baby wipes – DONE!
  • Baby Brush & Comb -
  • Baby nail clipper – we have one :)
  • Thermometer – mama has! 
  • Disposable diaper – DONE!
Beddings :
  • Baby cot – with changing bassinet DONE!
  • Mattress – DONE!
  • Blankets and pillow set -
  • Baby bouncer/ swing
Travel :
  • Stroller – will buy after my confinement period
  • Car Seat – will buy after my confinement period
  • Baby Sling/ Carrier - 
  • Diaper bag + travel changing mat – we will use My Baby box! Kept safe for 25 years!
For Me :
  • Washable breast pads – Avent DONE!
  • Nursing bras
  • Maternity pads – my usual period pads DONE!
  • Warm socks
  • Nursing tops – most of my maternity tops can be use for nursing, nanti lge beli
I find this [here] very helpful and informative too. Thank you Mrs Kecik for sharing. :D

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Week 33

Alhamdulillah.. We are very thankful to Allah that I have reached this far!
What I have realised in my third trimester so far, the prominent one is the insomnia. Yes, as I have read it is sort of a practise for me (and for Iman too! Haha) for the sleepless nights when Baby is born. They said warm milk might help but I think it does not work for me as Baby is usually very active after midnight. So, I read book until my eyes feel very heavy after 1am mostly.
According to Heidi (What to Expect) other symptoms include:
  • Stronger fetal activity – yes, sometimes it hurts and uncomfortable
  • Occasional headaches – especially when I don’t have enough rest/sleep
  • Nail changes – grows faster these days!
  • Protruding navel – uh-huh! Show off haha
  • Shortness of breath – turun naik tangga usually
  • Increase clumsiness – sometimes!
  • Forgetfulness – err sometimes! haha
  • Braxton Hicks contractions – not getting it as much as before
So far these are what I have been experiencing. I hope Baby weights around 2kgs now, although I realised that gaining weight is kind of a hard work these days. Huhu..
p/s: Baby cot that we’ve been eyeing for has been sold!!! Uwaaaaa~ Now we need to look for another and buy it right away! Pfft!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pain Management

It’s October!!!
I have been reading about this topic and it scares me at some point. =.=’ I have also been asking myself about my pain tolerance level. Husband says my pain tolerance is high but then again, you’ll never know what to expect during labour. So, expect the unexpected!
During the Parenting class, the nurse mentioned few options we can choose from including the laughing gas.Hehe.. But of course, the famous one these days is theepidural. I have seen people getting their epidural on tv and truthfully speaking, I don’t like the sight of it. Then again, you are in so much pain that one self (like me, who is scared with needle) might not think twice when the pain is unbearable.
It is true that each and every person has different level of pain tolerance and experiences pain differently. Some can handle more pain and some may not. According to this article [here], there are three types of pain management choices.
  • Lamaze/Child Birthing Classes - which teach you various relaxation techniques such as breathing and meditation and visualization.
  • Pain Medications – There are a number of medications that are now considered safe to take during delivery. Keep in mind that these will probably not offer you complete relief of pain they will more than likely just take the edge off the pain.
  • Epidural/Spinal Analgesia – this is where the anesthesiologist is either going to be your friend or the person you look for afterwards to have a few words with. They use local anesthetics and/or narcotics and they inject them around the spinal nerves to control the pain you feel during labor and delivery. If you are having a C-section you are probably going to have an epidural. I want you to know that it doesn’t take the feeling away contrary to what a lot of people will try to tell you. You will feel what is happening such as pressure and pulling but you will not and should not feel any pain.
Before, I thought I can handle the pain but I’m second guessing my decision now. I’m considering epidural (in case I want it during labour that I can’t handle the pain) although I know that my mom will not encourage this. She usually in the labour room with my cousins and aunties when they gave birth. Mom is like their personal midwifery and she will say a big no to epidural.
I’m gna need to learn more on the relaxation techniques so I will be able to survive without the epidural. Insya Allah.. :D Mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan olehNya jua.. Amin ya Rabbal ‘Alamin~